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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Links of the Day

The 2010 Oscar Nominations - The short list for who will be considered the best films of 2009 is out and Avatar and The Hurt Locker lead the pack with nine nominations each. In almost all categories the winner is pretty clear with Best Director being a slight toss up between James Cameron and Kathryn Bigelow (edge to Katherine). I think The Hurt Locker is a lock for Best Picture. Most technical awards will go to Avatar or whatever the period piece is in that category. For whatever reason, Up in the Air had a very strong showing with multiple acting and other top tier category nods despite being what I consider to be a ordinary film. Clooney even got a best actor nod for playing a variation of himself. Any case it appears the Oscars will once again be another ho hum year of predictable industry pack patting.

Huge Lego Airbus A380 - Click the link for a gallery of images for a huge Lego creation that includes detailed interior scenes from five movies, working landing gear, doors and more. (via Brother Bricks)

International Red Band Kick-Ass Trailer - Click the link to view the NSFW trailer for the movie. The story itself is about normal people that try to be superheroes and essentially the butt kicking they get and sometimes deliver. The results are not pretty and usually don't end well.

Ultimate Avatar Review - Click the link to view two part review of Avatar that does an excellent job of tearing it down to its component parts. Even if loved or hate the film it is still an entertaining view. The narrator, while intentionally coming off as creepy, does provide solid insight in the film. If you do enjoy the review, be sure to check out more of them at Red Letter Media.

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