"An era can be said to end when its basic illusions are exhausted." - Arthur Miller

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Links of the Day

Last Minute Rescue - Cool video below that shows a guy in Argentina preventing a collision between a commuter train and a stalled van by bare inches. The train had slowed enough that a hit would probably not have killed anyone; it did prevent a lot of injuries as the train has a full load.

MTV Drops "Music Television" - For years now MTV has had almost nothing to do with music beyond late night videos and the occasional show. Recognizing that, the network finally decided to clear up that bit of false advertising by dropping the "Music Television" lettering from their logo. At this point not sure what the M could stand for, best guess is multimedia.

Behind the Scenes of 1983 HBO Intro - A brief walk down memory lane at how the intro clip that introduced each movie that aired in the 80s was made. I remember seeing that bit more times than I can count and it did bring back a few memories of sitting at my old home, eating cereal while watching films like Flight of the Navigator and more. Even more interesting to me is how much time and effort went into making the clip which could be now done with some guy in front of his Dell in about half a day. Makes you wonder what other little gems people might have on their old VHS tapes.

Global Warming Isn't the Opposite of Snow - Rachel Maddow has a little fun with Fox News current meme of saying that snow means global warming doesn't exist. Knowing their audience is essentially full of unquestioning idiots; Fox likes to emphasis the weather over the climate aspect of the "debate". As Maddow points out, snow doesn't disprove the theory anymore then the existence of flying animals doesn't disprove gravity. Bill Nye also weighs in the debate, clearly angry at the rampant disinformation that Fox is giving out.

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