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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Links of the Day

Final Fantasy XIII NBA Commercial
New commercial for the game coming next month to the States that frankly does nothing to make me want to buy the game if I wasn't already a diehard FF fan. Rather odd considering they helped sponsor the NBA All Star Weekend. Too much flash, not enough game I guess.

Final Fantasy I & II for iPhone Trailer
Click the link to view yet another remake of the classic NES games in a new format with improved graphics, touch interface and other tweaks. I have probably beat both games several times (NES, PSP, PS) yet I get a sad feeling I will be doing it yet again.

Rubik's Cube Turns 30
This year is the 30th anniversary of the Rubik's Cube. This makes me feel old. According to the PopCandy, 350 million Cubes have been sold worldwide; World Championship "speed cubing" is held every year and the world record for solving a cube is 7.08 seconds. Below is a video of a Lego "Cubestorm" device a fan made that does an excellent job of solving a random cube.

Rachel Maddow on Filibuster Abuse
Remember "way" back in 2005 when Republicans considering getting rid of the filibuster because Democrats abused it 54 times? They claimed they should support the President in a time of war and give an up and down votes on laws. This led to things like "Gang of 14", the "Nuclear Option" and more. It was a big deal, took of days of news cycle. Cut to five years later. The Republicans have now already used the Filibuster 112 times. Nope not a typo. So five years ago, "abusing" it is anti-American. Using it now is perfectly American even when it done to block Presidential appointments (simply because the president wants them, not because opposed to the choices). I keep saying it but bears repeating...show me a Republican and you have shown me a hypocrite. Any case, the video below Maddow breaks it down to explain how the new level of abuse if causing problems. Even more amazing is there is a reasonable plan from Democrats vs. the outright ban that Republicans advocated 5 years ago.

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