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Friday, March 19, 2010

Links of the Week

Really have not come across much that I felt compelled to post about. I guess could have posted about the healthcare bill but it hasn't passed so what is the point. Here are a few things note however.

A Trailer for Every Academy Award Winning Movie Ever
A tongue in cheek trailer (with a some very attractive woman, wonder who they are?) that makes fun of the typical academy award willing film (but forgetting about war movies). Its mimics a recent meme of calling attention to the typical style of reporting and the like that occurs by actually naming what is occurring. Hard to describe but still amusing.

11th Circuit Eliminates Protection of E-Mail
This is an example of why it is a problem that old people who have less than basic knowledge of technology are the ones deciding the future of tech and its privacy implications. The 11th Circuit judges decided that e-mail isn't protected. E-mail used to be treated like postal mail, basically no one has a right to it without good legal reasons. Now the government can get a copy as soon as the email is delivered (which takes seconds from sending) because something about how email is stored, "disappears" and other nonsense that makes no sense. Long story short...if the government wants your email, they can now have it by simply demanding a copy.

Jon Stewarts Tears Glenn Beck Up
It is fun when Jon Stewart really gets angry about someone or a particular issue. When that occurs, you get gems like the video below where he tears apart the crazy that is Glenn Beck who is advocating that essentially any change from the status quo is evil. Not wrong, but evil as in Nazis, communism and killing people evil. His explanation has something to do with...well it just doesn't make sense but the gist is he is telling other very stupid people that it is evil and something should be done about it. Telling stupid people stupid things while demandng they take action usually doesn't go well. I think this spreading of stupid and dangerous ticked Stewart off so he spent 15 minutes (without a commercial break, almost unprecedented) making fun of the man and his nonsense. The result is hilarious and shows just how sad the Beck followers are.

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