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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Links of the Day

HP Slate Details Leaked - In what I call a miss opportunity, HP finally leaked some details (specs sheet at link) on their response to the Apple iPad. They should have revealed official information along with release date on Friday, during the height of the chatter so that every review, article, TV discussion and more would mention this upcoming device as an alternative. The HP slate mimics the look of the iPad but runs off of Windows 7, with SD slot, and has greater processor speed but less battery life. Basically it is the power and convenience of a netbook in tablet form. The main advantage, other than Flash support, is that users are not locked down to programs and file formats that Apple neither approves of nor requires the constant use of iTunes as the middle man to move data around. The estimated release date is June 2010 with price of $549 (32GB) and $599 (32GB). Considering the iPad equivalences are $599 (32GB) and $699 (64GB), it’s priced to compete in this new market. The tablets are still all overpriced but hopefully competition like this will drive down the price much like it did for netbooks.

McCain Disowns "Maverick" Title
In a new article from Newsweek, John McCain has decided to disown the Maverick title, "I never considered myself a maverick. I consider myself a person who serves the people of Arizona to the best of his abilities." This is after he spent nearly 25 years happily using the title in commercials, on the campaign trail and more. It was often used as an excuse by Fox and other pundits as an excuse when he would flip flop on issues on a regular basis. McCain keeps proving there are not an ideal he isn't willing to sell, a moral code he isn't willing to forfeit and a lie not willing to tell to just to get a vote or money from his corporate sponsors. He is quite simply, "The Whore of the Senate". That should be his official title. I just hope the people of Arizona finally see through his lies and remove him from office.

Tea Partiers Refuse to Sign Anti-Socialism Pledge
To no surprise, it turns out with Tea Partiers, the buck stops with their wallets. When asked to sign a pledge were they would follow up words with action by refusing to participate in such socialism programs as Social Security, Medicare, Obamacare, join armed services, run for public office, paved roads, call the police or fire departments, use colleges or public schools, libraries and post office. Basically those who keep using socialism (while really meaning fascism and communism) neglect to recognize that democracy can't function without socialistic programs. Of note is the response, which was complete disrespect with spitting, yelling and other childish behavior.

Town Conspires to Create a Fake Prom
The town of Fulton, Mississippi, including school officials, lied to a high school senior so that they could avoid having a lesbian couple at the event. The brief history is Constance McMillen wanted to take her girlfriend to the prom, the school said no. She sued with help of ACLU and won, so the school cancelled the prom. Parents got together and said they would have a private one, a week later this was mysteriously cancelled. It turned out that the parents created two proms, one for the "undesirables" like Constance and students with learning disabilities and another for everyone else. Constance and company didn't know about the real prom until after the event. I bet they were so proud when they got away with it. An entire town of adults conspired together to make sure a lesbian couple wouldn't come and then made sure their children participated in this lie. The whole thing is sick in its scale. I can't imagine having that much hate as that is the only thing that can explain such behavior. What is really sad is this town taught their next generation this same hate.

Resident Evil: Afterlife Trailer - The fourth movie in the series is coming out September 10th and below is the first trailer. The movie will be in 3D but unlike recent releases, was actually filmed for the format. I always found the series to be mindless fun so looking forward to this release.

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