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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Show Renewals, Lego, and iPhone

Not sure why, just have not found much online that really grabbed my attention to post about. Did get some new good news though in the form of renewals of a few programs I like another look at the next gen iPhone and a cool Lego set that will hit retail soon.

Lie to Me and Human Target Renewed
I thought both shows were toast considering Target's bad ratings and Lie to Me's six month hiatus and exile to summer but Fox see's the same potential I do with both shows getting a 13-episode season. Both will get new executive producers but whatever. If you are not watching these shows, you should be.

iPhone 4 Leaked Again
More images of the iPhone 4th gen have popped up. Where before it was all about its front facing camera and new body, now it’s all about the processor which is an Apple A4 with 256MB of RAM from Samsung. The A4 is the same processor used for the iPad. Click the link to view the gallery of images.

Olivia Munn's TV Show Picked Up
The hotness that is Olivia Munn from Attack of the Show might have that chance at stardom beyond the rather frequent (sadly non-nude) pictorials in magazines. NBC has picked up her comedy Perfect Couples for the new fall season. The show itself is the usual couples/relationship program that probably would normally be off my radar if not for her participation. Sadly the news probably means her days on AOTS are numbered.

Lego Shuttle Adventure Set
Below is a video with the designers of the Shuttle Adventure set that is being released in June to mark the end of the Shuttle program for NASA. The set costs $100 and more images of it can be found here.

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