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Monday, June 07, 2010

iPhone 4 and Other Links

iPhone 4 Officially IntroducedToday Steve Jobs officially introduced the new iPhone at the WWDC 2010 keynote which will be available starting June 24th. The price will be $299 (32GB), $199 (16GB), and $99 (3GS 8GB). A comparison of the 3GS and iPhone 4 shows a faster processor (same as one in the iPad), a higher pixel density of 960 x 640 (almost same resolution as iPad) or what Apple calls Retina Display, HD video recording (720p at 30fps), a front and back camera, the main being 5 megapixel with flash, and slightly improved battery life. So far the phone seems to continue to be tied into the crapiness that is AT&T so an upgrade will jail you to them for two more years. Main new apps for the device include iBook (with pdf support), Netflix, and iMovie. The phone will also support video conferencing (aka FaceTime Video Chat) but only over a Wi-Fi connection. Hands-On description and video here. Top link is a definitive guide that breaks down all the details for the new phone.

Helen Thomas Forced into Retirement
If you want to know why conservatives always go into attack mode even when it does nothing to actually help, this is why. Helen Thomas voiced an opinion that Jews (aka Israel) should get out of Palestine. Since America has this warped opinion that Israel can do no wrong, it was twisted into an anti-Semitic remark by the right with the cowardly press corps diving into the dog pile as they figured it would help ratings (cause god forbid it actually start an intellectual conversation about the Gaza Strip, the politics of the regions and more).

The net result is they got what they wanted which was her removal. Even worse, the press being a hotbed of lazy useless and mostly ignorant fools will focus on this one event from this point forward, ignoring hundreds of others over her 57 year career. Sadly what you are reading now is the obituary for this 89 year old woman. Destroyed by the same institutions she worked for. While it would not be talked about by the news media, there was an ulterior motive for the dog pile and that is the desire to get her front center seat in the WH press room. Currently Fox and Bloomberg are considered front runners but I guarantee all the major media outlets are gunning for it. For the average American, the seat is just a seat. For the news media, it is like winning a Pulitzer and Peabody on the same day. They want it bad, no matter how they down play it.

She has been a centerpiece in the White House press corps for decades now. Thomas was quite literally the only reporter for years that questioned George Bush on his policies in the post 9/11 era, when most of her "peers" was doing their version of a lap dog (and most continue too). She actually questioned real policy and its consequences rather than pounce on the sensational and irrelevant stories of the moment that is now the norm for "reporters."

In the interests of full disclosure, I can't say I disagree. It simply has not worked and will not work. Differences founded in religion never end. Ever. Besides, Israel should be treated like any other country by America with the same standards applied to it. If other countries behaved like Israel has in the last few years, we would be talking sanctions, boycotts and more. It’s time that country stood alone without big brother USA watching out for it. Israel believes it doesn't need our help politically, financially or militarily. We should honor that belief and let the chips fall where they may.

Really though, just getting sick of the "story" being about nonsense that has no meaning on our day to day lies. What does it matter what Helen Thomas thinks about Israel? Her opinion on the situation has about as much impact as mine, which is none. Yet the way it was covered by the news you would think she was leading and deciding policy. In other words, once again the "juicy" story trumps the relevant and important stories. Its crap like this that is why I have such little respect for anyone whose job title is "reporter". Vultures that like to pile on the bodies but not bother to ask what, why, is it important, and more. Nope, it’s just "Ooh look controversial comment! Let us beat this to death for the day! I don't have to know stuff to do that!" It’s why I get my news from online rather than TV and newspapers. I can get the info I want instead of the noise machine of irrelevant and empty headed chatter we get now.

BP Oil Spill Timeline from May 2001
Click the link to read how the groundwork was laid back in May 2001 by George Bush for the epic oil disaster today. Despite conservatives trying to lay the blame at Obama, he wasn't the one that approved the well; he didn't approve the (lack of) safety standards, the lack of regulation or really anything that has to do with what occurred. Like the rest of his time in office, it is yet another mess created by George Bush in his desire to show government doesn't work and business should be allowed to operate without any interference or regulation. As usual, the conservative mantra of "let the market decide" neglects to remember that there are circumstances where the market can't decide nor has no positive impact on the decision making. Hence the need for regulation. It’s just a long continuation of the incestuous relationship between gov't and oil that reached its heights in the Bush years but continues today.

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