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Friday, June 11, 2010

Links of the Day

Nintendo 3DS Revealed?
Nintendo had announced last year it was working on a 3D handheld system and apparently some information about the product has been leaked. The device has the basic form factor of the regular DS but now with a much larger widescreen on top, camera, and an analog stick (the white nub on bottom left side). The image is just a mock-up based on the report from China but expect the real deal to be shown off next Tuesday at Nintendo's keynote address at E3.

Time-Lapse of Space Shuttle Prep and Launch
Very cool video that shows the six week process of prepping the Space Shuttle Discover for launch from the hangar bay all the way to lift-off.

Indiana 5 Rumors
The film is likely years off, but apparently next year is the penciled in date to start production. The story is rumored to involve Indy and his son Mutt on an adventure at the Bermuda Triangle. A goal is to go back to Indy roots with more practical effects and less CGI driving the story.

Starcraft II War is Coming Trailer
A decent trailer for the upcoming game. It mostly shows off the game's cinematic and hints at the single player story. I played the Beta and pretty much if you’re a fan of Starcraft I then two is right up your alley. My five year old machine played it pretty good once dialed down the graphics but I think any machine three years or less in age with separate graphics card should be able to enjoy the game.

Mortal Kombat Reborn Trailer
A sweet re-imagining of Mortal Kombat. The trailer for a movie that doesn't exist but those involved want to get green lit involves new, more realistic versions of all the famous characters. In a twist, the focus seems to be on Scorpion rather then one of the typical hero characters. Besides its got Jeri Ryan as Sonya so a win for me. The basic ideas laid out make for a solid and probably very entertaining movie.

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