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Friday, June 25, 2010

Links of the Day

iPhone 4, Apple Against Left Handed People
It seems that the new iPhone has a left handed person bias. The phone antenna is around the outside of the device to increase signal strength and overcome some of the inherent problems that are associated with AT&T. It seems a side effect of that design is if you hold the phone in such a way as your skin contacts the bottom left hand corner (something common if type on device with right hand or just a lefty) then it will quickly lose its connectivity to AT&T. Now either this problem was not discovered or it explains why the new overpriced "bumber" case was released. Apple's official response to the news was a) you are holding it wrong and b) buy a case. So once again, buyer beware.

GOP Against Holding BP Responsible for Oil Spill
The GOP is in a rather odd position thanks to the Gulf Oil Spill. The party, at its core, is the party of corporations that pretends to be the party of the people. The GOP's agenda and actions over the last 4-5 decades show that if a law even smells like it may not be best for corporate profit margins, even if best for the country and its citizens, they will be against it. So here is BP, a huge corporation, big supporter of the GOP in an expensive mess. Everyone is attacking it; the government wants them to pay for clean-up and its aftermath. However, that is bad for the corporation and sets a dangerous precedent. The idea that corporations should be responsible for their own actions, especially if it hurt the bottom line, just seems wrong to them. On the other hand, they have spent the last year pretending to have rediscovered "fiscal responsibility." Someone has to pay for the oil spill. Say BP should and you are pissing on a core GOP value of corporations first. It would be like devout Christian saying Jesus isn't the messiah. However the only way to stay in power is to attack BP as their base and Tea Party movement isn't going to support the government paying for it. The result is mixed messages and GOPers voice what they really believe before realizing they have to say the opposite to get re-elected. Of course The Daily Show is pretty much the only place that will show this schizo message from the party.

Edith Shain, Kissing Nurse, Died
It seems the nurse from the famous World War II picture died on June 23rd at the age of 91. The famous picture was from Life Magazine and taken in Time Square the day after the Japanese surrender, ending the war.

Viacom Loses YouTube Suit
In a bit of a surprise, Viacom has lost its $1 billion suit against YouTube for copyright infringement. The lawsuit was essentially a complaint for YouTube users uploading Viacom owned products like The Daily Show and South Park. At the time Viacom planned on launching its own sites around those properties and had taken a financial hit with the lost in advertising revenue. Supposedly they wanted to teach the internet a lesson but really it was money pure and simple. Viacom plans to appeal and that will likely gain traction.

World's First Bionic Cat
The usual response to a beloved pet losing their rear paws in a combine accident would be to put it down. Instead the London owners of Oscar approved new prosthetic paws to be attached to the cat's ankle bones. The cost for just the prosthetics was $3k. That doesn't include the cost of the surgery, four months of rehabilitation and continued care. Most people consider a pet a member of the family, at least until they become too expensive. Oscar's owner proved themselves to be a true exception to that. Hats off to them.

The Sarah Connor Cursing Chronicles
Click the link to view an amusing re-edit of scenes from the now cancelled show that proves that with a well timed bleep, a scene can have a whole new meaning. I see great meme potential here.

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