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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Links of the Day

Futurama, Lego Style
If a fan of Futurama or Legos, really should check out the huge gallery of images of this re-creation of Futurama' New York. It has the major buildings, including Madison Cube Garden and the Planet Express. Also have the characters Lego style, the sewers and a lot more sweet details. (Via Gizmodo)

Larry King to Retire
It is official; Larry King is finally going to retire after 25 years on the air. The decision is likely one part simply being time since he is 76 years old, one part personal reasons since he is going through some family problems, one part pressure from CNN as his ratings or not only bad but skewed to an older non-advertising friendly demographic and finally because he simply isn't very good at it anymore. Better to go out before things sour to the point of no return, especially since all it takes is one mistake for the press to tarnish a long and legendary career (see Helen Thomas). No date on his last day was provided.

Hulu Plus Announced
It has been rumored for more than a year but now official. By fall Hulu will have a paid subscription of $10 per month and availability on most devices that you pretty much already find Netflix on including iPhone and iPad. The plus apparently brings access to more shows by giving access to all episodes of shows rather than just a select few or last six or so episodes like is the current practice. Of note is you will still be forced to watch the ads and I doubt that the episodes will become available any quicker than they do now after broadcast.

GOP Chooses the .2% Rich Over Jobless
To no surprise, the GOP continues its mantra of party first, corporate second, America last in its latest decision. The Democrats want to pass a $112 billion jobs bill and the way they are going to pay for it is by letting the estate ("death") tax expire. The tax only affects those that stand to inherit more than $2 million dollars and is estimated only impacts 0.2% of the country. The Republicans want it eliminated entirely despite it having a $1 trillion impact on tax revenue. So to sum up, given a chance to help the country as a whole or help only .2%, the GOP chose the latter, probably because they are part of that group impacted by it. The rest of us, however, are not.

Why Your Starbucks Barista Hates You
A pretty funny, yet true, explanation on why those forced into customer service don't particularly like their customers. While the examples are specific to Starbucks, they could apply anywhere. For example, the need to show off your knowledge of products. Trust me, we don't care. Or trying to quiz about how a company is doing. Trust me; we don't care as don't benefit much from its successes that is reserved for the executives and their high bonuses. Trying to be friendly and show off your life. Again don't care, not like going to be friends or anything else. Best bet is go in, ask direct questions, get what you want and get out. Leave the friendliness to when with your friends.

Harry Potter and the Dealthy Hallows Trailer
The first trailer for the two part movie that is looking pretty darn sweet. While not the "Motion Picture Event of a Generation" (I am partial to Return of the King for that), it is going to make some huge box office bucks when part 1 is released in December and part 2 in July.

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