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Thursday, July 01, 2010

Links of the Day

DC Redesigns Wonder Woman's Costume
For the first time in years, Wonder Woman is getting a permanent (such as exists in comics) costume change. As the image shows, it retains some elements of the classic design but the goal seems to mostly lose the bathing suit esthetic of the decades old template. I think the change is motivated by a marketing desire to make the character easier to sell to parents and more importantly easier to create a costume if Wonder Woman ever makes it the big screen. Warner Bros show it is nearly incapable of exploiting its own properties well so not holding my breath on a Wonder Woman movie but moves like this might make it a little easier.

Best Buy to Fire Employee Over Internet Video
Yet another sign that Best Buy doesn't get it, they are going to fire an employee because of a funny iPhone vs. HTC EVO video (at the link) that pretty much makes fun of iPhone lovers. The video doesn't reference Best Buy or any store. The video has no Best Buy specific logos, dress or anything else even remotely related to the company. The only Best Buy aspect of it is the video was created by a Best Buy employee and expressed an opinion corporate didn't agree with so decided to take action. I imagine that if the video had been a glowing review of the iPhone, they wouldn't be taking this action. The lesson is for all current and future Best Buy employees, beware as Corporate Big Brother is watching and if they do not approve of your internet activities done on personal time, they may fire you for it.

Chevy Volt Preview
Consumer reports have posted a video and write-up of a preview ride in the new Chevy Volt which is their first electric car. It has been in the works for years with at least the shell used in Transformers 2. The car has a range of 40 miles per charge or 300 miles with charge and full tank of gas. The will go on sale in November but will only be available to "select dealers". The cost is around $40k but tax incentives are expected to drop it closer to $30k. It seems like a cool ride, perfect for people that live in areas were a car is needed but actually travel distance is relatively small.

Final Fantasy XIV Gets Release Date
Square has announced the official release date of the game for PC as September 30th. The PS3 release will be in March. The game will be launched in two editions -regular ($49.99) and collector's ($74.99). The Collector's Edition will include the game, early access on September 22nd, a FF14 branded security token, art book, making of DVD, Onion Helm item, and "Right of Passage Certificate". The monthly fee for the game will be $12.99. Personally I love the FF franchise but the last MMORPG left me cold with the boring level grind so likely to pass on this one.

The Daily Show - Blame
Regardless of party, the tried and true tactic to deflect blame is to point the finger at the previous president (which is actually often warranted). The counter to that is to then say it’s unfair to point the finger. That is occurring now with Democrats blaming Bush (correctly) for most of the country’s problems and Republican pundits whining that it is not right. The Daily Show, pretty much the only "news" source that recognizes history goes back further then one day, did one of its brilliant video edits that show how the Republican Party did the same thing, blaming Clinton for things all the way to 2008.

100 Greatest Movie Burns of All Time
Hilarious, but not safe for work. The video that shows the best insults in movies over the years. While I am sure favorites are missed, it’s still worth watching the full 10 minutes.

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