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Thursday, August 05, 2010

Links of the Week

GOP Holding Laws Hostage for Bush Tax Cuts
In yet another example of conservative hypocrisy, the GOP is holding pretty much all activity in Congress hostage in effort to make Bush's tax cuts permanent. Despite claiming fiscal responsibility and reducing the deficit, the previous decade of cuts resulted in around $3 trillion being added to the deficit (more than Obama is expected to add in his entire first time). If made permanent, the cuts are expected to add at least another trillion. The GOP claims it helps the economy, but considering the cuts has been in place since 2001, that doesn't seem true. Especially since the cuts only provide significant assistance to those that make $150k or more so around 10% of the country. The graph to the left is why they are fighting as the Obama plan would re-shift tax policy so that the burdens to the rich and even then not that significantly but to the GOP the rich shouldn’t even pay $1 in taxes. Then again, considering pretty much the top tier of the GOP are in those wealthy categories that benefited most under Bush, their perspective is no surprise. What is the surprise is their non-rich followers that support a policy that doesn't benefit them in any meaningful way.

Things You Didn't Know About Scientology
Hit the link to look at an amusing chart that compares science with the cult of Scientology. It includes a handy timeline of Earth's history that science believes occurred and the bat-sh$t crazy that is the cult's version along with a few myths they try to sell but isn't true.

Tom Mankiewicz R.I.P.
The screenwriter of Superman, Superman II, most of the 70s James Bond films and more died on July 31st at his home 68. He was 68.

Apple Restricts iPhone Chargers
In yet another sign of how far into 1984 Apple has gone, it seems they even have created means to restrict iPhone chargers so only "approved" venders can sell them...to a surcharge of $10+ per. Any case hit the link to view a video that explains how it works at a fairly science way. The plus side is since this is now known to be a BS design "feature" from Apple; people can devise ways around it.

Top 10 Lies About Bush Tax Cuts
Speaking of the Bush tax cuts; hit the link to get informed about the current GOP lies being told to sell their rich-first plan. None of them make sense, most of them are ideas that the GOP should support but since they are blinded by love of the rich (aka themselves) they will not support it. I don't see how anyone can support them. We had them for a decade. 10 years of those cuts and the economy clearly didn't benefit. What in the world makes the GOP fools think another 10 years will make a difference?

Sharron Angle's Tea Party Nuttery
Sharron Angle is running for Senate against Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid on Nevada. The women is a full fledge Tea Partier. She deeply and truly represents their belief system which includes ending Social Security, Medicare, the United Nations, EPA, tax code, and more. She believes that if the GOP doesn't achieve victories, "2nd amendment remedy" (the one about right to bear arms) may be necessary. Despite running for office, she refuses to talk to anyone in the press that is willing to ask pre-approved questions and air info about her in an approved way. Don't believe me then watch the video below as even Fox News couldn't spin her crazy correctly when she said "we wanted [the press] to ask the questions we want to answer so that they report the news the way we want it to be reported and when I get on a show and I say send me money to SharronAngle.com, so that your listeners will know that if they want to support me they need to go to SharronAngle.com." Can you imagine the sh$t storm Fox News would have generated if a Democratic candidate gave that kind of answer? They would have been airing a 24/7 scroll about how the Democrats want to revoke the first amendment, shutter newspapers and cut off all uncontrolled news. They would have had a field day with it. But because a GOP, it is just a minor blip on their radar.

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