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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Links of the Week

GOP Finally Introduce a Plan
The Party of No has spent the last two years doing whatever they can to prevent Democrats from accomplishing as little as possible. Their game plan was simple - regardless of what it does for the country, block anything and everything. No matter how big or how small, try to create as many obstacles as possible to any success as they know the electorate is too stupid to blame them for being unwilling to work together for a solution on anything of significant. As a result of this rather simple plan, the GOP has spent those two years saying all attempts the fix the economy are bad ideas and refusing to provide their own beyond "tax cuts FTW!"

Hit the link above for more. View the graphs, compiled from non-partisan groups. You don't even need the words to re-enforce that how the GOP want to do business is bad for America.

With elections just around the corner, the moderates that decide elections usually like a little substance to go with their choice and so the party has a plan. The plan is, of course, a tax cut. But it’s a plan that isn't just making the Bush tax cuts permanent, but actually extending them even further for the rich to the tune of adding $3.9 trillion to the deficit. Which is 3x more then Obama has added so far and half of what Bush added in his 8 years in office. Keep in mind that the tax cuts didn't exactly drive up wages or the job market to begin with. Never mind that the rich don't exactly go on spending and investing sprees because of fewer taxes. Never mind that the last two years the Republican Party has claimed to be a fiscal responsible minded group.

After all these years, after the Tea Party, after claiming a $1 trillion pump for the economy was bad, they suddenly propose a $4 trillion tax cut for the rich. Keep in mind that the Democrats have proposed a solution that would keep tax cuts for the middle class and poor that would then be paid for by ending the cuts for the rich, something the GOP has said they will filibuster. If you ever had doubts about the real agenda of the GOP, this could not make it anymore clear. They care only about the Party and the rich. America and the rest of us are only tools to reinforce their only real two concerns. They will not be satisfied until we return to the 3rd world countries two class system of rich or poor.

The GOP's $4 trillion addition to the deficit to benefit the rich. That is the GOP that wants control of Congress. That is the group the Tea Party is supporting. Remember that number. Remember their hypocrisy and vote accordingly.

Hiding SSID More Secure?
An interesting article from Lifehacker that suggests that the security precaution of hiding your SSID on your wireless home network is pointless exercise that does nothing to discourage potential hackers and makes it harder for you to connect any new equipment. Worth the read if on the fence about it but personally I don't bother with cutting off broadcasting as the convenience is worth the risk to me.

Jon Stewart Profile
An interesting article about Jon Stewart that talks about his efforts to get the media to actually do their job and how he helps put a show together. Like him, I wish one day that when someone from the media claims to be an expert on a subject, it is actually true. One that has the knowledge to challenge a politician when they are lying to their face and their viewers. Sadly that day is not today as most of the talking faces only know what their producers feed them to their mics and wouldn't know a fact if it came up and bit them on the rear. The media continues to become more and more irrelevant, which is tragic for democracy and America that has shown greater and greater tendency to not question things that should be questioned.

Midichlorian Rhapsody
After those depressing links, how about some humor. The below video takes Bohemian Rhapsody and adds a Star Wars twist with excellent results.

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