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Friday, September 24, 2010

Links of the Week

Are We Run By A$@holes?
Jon Stewart had a hilarious response to the death of the Don't Ask Don't Tell/ Military Spending Bill that the Republicans killed. They claimed it was because procedure things were not followed even though historically how it was handled was no different than it has been in the past. The real reason, of course, is the GOP is the party of hate and they love the Constitution and equal rights until they actually have to apply those principles to things they don't like. To them, the Constitution has a little asterisk mark that says "Does not apply if the GOP doesn't like it." Anyway at the link is video of Jon Stewart breaking it down in his usual hilarious way.

Colbert Testifies Before Congress
Stephen Colbert testified today before Congress in his usual amusing fashion and as the O'Reilly like character he uses for his television show. The result will probably be dismissed but if listen to the content he actually makes some valid points that are worth considering. All I know is Fox News and Republicans hated his appearance which really tells you it’s probably something worth considering.

Stewart/Colbert Rallies
Speaking of the two hosts, the pair have joined together to have two competing rallies on October 30th in Washington DC. Jon Stewart's rally is called "The Rally to Restore Sanity" while Colbert's is "Rally to Keep Fear Alive". Sounds like might be worth going. If still need convincing, Glenn Beck has come to the conclusion it is a bad thing where the pair are going to "activate the youth... to vote with the Labor Unions apparently... [They] will activate the youth to try and get the youth to go out and vote." Because that is a bad thing don't you know. As usual, Beck has no reason for his conclusions but I am sure he will not be pleased when this rally on a network with half of Fox News rating along with a quarter of the advertising budget probably blows his efforts out of the park as far as participating goes. Of course Beck is really a massive scam artist tricking his viewers and related morons so there you go.

Lego Star Wars Chess Sets
Hit the link to view two chess sets themed after Star Wars A New Hope and the Empire Strikes Back. The set isn't just Lego dudes but a Lego base with the dudes’ part of character specific structures. The result, as often the case for fan made creations, worthy of retail.

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