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Friday, October 15, 2010

Links of the Week

Sorry for lack of updates, frankly just been busy with posting on the other blogs. Here you go though, a little bit longer than normal link list.

Largest Lego Ship Ever
Hit the link for images and video that shows off a 23 foot Lego recreation of the aircraft carrier USS Intrepid. The ship was constructed to mini-fig (1/40) scale with Wildcat and corsair airplanes to give it the 1945 look from when it was built. A truly awesome creation.

No Bank Accounts Costs Money
A reporter learned the hard way that not having a bank account can be expensive. After around 30 days of not using a bank, the various fees resulting fees cost $93 or possibly at least $1100. The lesson seems to be that even though banks no longer really function as lenders but more as fee machines, it is still cheaper to have an account then not have one since they will find a way to get their pound of flesh one way or the other.

Zack Snyder Directing Superman
After many false starts with the commercial failure of Superman Returns (good ideas but homage taken too far), WB finally seems ready to move on. Watchmen, 300 director Zack Snyder will helm the film. He also hinted, but has not officially confirmed, that Zod will be the film's big bad. It seems likely this will be a reboot of the franchise rather than continuation of the story where Returns left off.

Lego Space Habitat
A gallery that shows off a huge habitat complete with commercial areas, living space, space port, and more. It makes heavy use of a modular design so it’s actually like a lot of identical living spaces with slight changes to each to give it the cohesive but unique look.

Chasing Fox
An interesting article from New York Times about MSNBC's growing pains as it attempts to catch up to the ratings of Fox News now that the network has surpassed CNN. It gives a peek behind the scenes at some of the egos and infighting that flares up occasional, especially between management and the on air talent.

Donald Duck vs. Glenn Beck
An inspired mash-up that combines the many cartoons of Donald Duck with the equally hate filled crazy talk of Glenn Beck.

Portable XBox 360 Slim
Ben Heck is back with a new completed project. For all intents, he crammed an XBox 360 into a kind of briefcase with a 17 inch LCD screen. The result is a fully functional XBox that you can take with you wherever you want. He probably needs to add a handle.

Scream Awards Back to the Future Recreation
In homage to the 25th anniversary (and help sale the impending Blu-Ray edition), Spike TV put together a shot for shot recreation of the teaser trailer from 1985, complete with appearance by Michael J. Fox.

Destroyed and Rebuilt in 3 Minutes
A pretty sweet video that combined 45,000 photos to show the deconstruction and reconstruction of an office building in Paris.

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