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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Links of the Week

Christine O'Donnell: Constitution Moron
There is something very amusing about watching a Tea Party candidate make such a clear fool of themselves (all of them are, with various degrees of ability to hide it). Like all Tea Partiers, her claim is to be one of the few that understand the Constitution (essentially treating it as the Bible) that must be given office to protect it. And like all Tea Partiers, it turns out their study and understanding of the Constitution apparently doesn't actually involve reading it, understanding it, or even being vaguely aware of its history beyond the random pop culture maybe facts that you collect over a lifetime. In a debate with her opponent, Chris Coons, while at a law school no less, O'Donnell was flabbergasted that the separation of Church and State was enshrined in the first amendment. She, of course, only new the random factoid that the phrase was not in the document, I guess it never occurred to her that there might be a different phrasing for the same concept. On top of that she didn't even know the 14th, 16th, and 17th amendments even though she is a member of a political class that has indicated they want them repealed. Now to be fair, I don't have the amendments memorized either. Then again I am not running for Congress on the platform of being the great protector and arbiter of the wishes of the founding fathers like she has been. As usual, hypocrite and a republican are one and the same.

Stewart Disagrees with Sanchez Firing
Once again showing that he is more on the ball than most of his peers, Jon Stewart told Larry King that he thought CNN should not have fired Rick Sanchez for his stupid comments about Stewart and those that run CNN. He had the same problem I did with it, which was penalizing their hired commentators for expressing an opinion that management doesn't necessarily like on their own time. Sanchez is just the latest is a now regular revolving door of CNN reporters who get fired for expressing any opinion that is corporate approved. Reporters have bias. It is hiding that bias, pretending it doesn't exist, or allowing it to dictate what does or does not get covered as news that is a problem. In other words don't behave like Fox News. Past that, the only thing firing people for expressing an opinion does is allow stupid arguments to be given "equal" attention whether they deserve it or not resulting in the mess that is now CNN.

New Six Flags Roller Coasters
It seems that Six Flags finally understands how to tease their audience with CGI teaser trailer of three roller coasters they are working on for the 2011 season. One of them, for the Green Lantern, is just strange and looks like it would just give you neck pains but overall the sales pitch almost makes me want to check it out (then I remember the long lines and the summer heat).

Cars 2 Teaser Trailer
Pixar has released a teaser trailer for the sequel to Cars. The result is interesting and seems to indicate the movie is going in direction completely unlike its predecessor. They had me at the Pixar logo.

Scream 4 Trailer
The official trailer for the upcoming sequel that brings back the (surviving) gangs from the previous flicks as probably most get picked off and pave the way for a new crop of heroes to take over the franchise's future.

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