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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Links of the Week

Gawker Media Passwords Released to Public
If you have ever commented on Gawker, IO9, Gizmodo, Lifehacker or other sites of the company, then you need to change your password ASAP. You might also consider changing your password to any sites that make use of that same username and password combination especially if used for personal information.

Fox News Boss Orders Slanted News
For a while now Fox News has claimed it is a real news organization by saying there is a difference between its real news times and its opinion news times. Realistically there is no difference as the network is truly 24/7 GOP opinion machine but many remained convinced. New proof further supports this notion as a memo from Bill Sammon, a Fox Managing Editor, pretty much forced all Fox News reporters, on air talent, etc to make sure they use GOP approved phrasing for things like "government option" instead of "public option" because in polls it shows people would support that wording less. After the memo went out, the change went into effect across the board in all the "real" news hours.

Special Comment on Obama Caving
Keith Olbermann aired a special comment on President Obama once again caving to Republicans with a tax cut "compromise" that will add up to an estimated $900 billion to the debt, does nothing to help the economy, unlikely to create jobs (as the previous 10 years of tax cuts proved) but does have a nice benefit of making the rich richer. Sadly it is becoming clearer that Obama is so obsessed with being perceived as "bipartisan" that he is no longer willing to fight for anything he believes in or campaigned on. To no surprise the Tea Party remains silent on this as they are really just Republicans with a new name. As long as the policy benefits the rich, they don't care what it may do to the other 98% of Americans or increase the deficit after spending two years claiming that is what they cared about most.

Working Greek Antikythera Mechanism from Lego
An Apple engineer re-created an ancient Greek calculator that used a series of complicated gears to calculate celestial events and eclipses accurately. However, his tool of choice was 1,500 Lego Technics pieces that when completed basically proves the ancient device probably worked, thereby for all intents and purposes becoming the oldest known computer in circa 100BC.

NES 10:1 Scale Coffee Table
An exact replica of the NES controller built as a coffee table only this one works as it has an NES built into it that accepts the old style cartridges. About the only thing I would add is a hatch or drawers to store those NES games and accessories. The table is apparently going to be up for auction later in the month.

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