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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Links of the Week

Verizon Score the iPhone
If you are tired of AT&T but love your iPhone, then February 10th will be a good day for you as Verizon will be caring the device. Sadly no price plans were revealed so not exactly confidence inducing, but still a good sign. Even better, Verizon will support using the phone as a local hotspot, something AT&T currently doesn't. Again no idea if that cost is built in or not. Prices for the iPhone do not change and of course your ability to switch providers may depend on whether you are on plan or not or willing to take the hit for early termination.

GOP Health Care Repeal Would Add $230 Billion to Deficit
When will people learn that the Republican Party has never been fiscally responsible? It is a myth they run on every election cycle but look at their record; they have never actually come close to fulfilling those now decades’ old promises. They have already added another trillion to the deficit by pushing through a deal to give $700 billion of that in tax cuts to the rich and now they have a plan that is an attempt to repeal health care and added another quarter trillion. Not even one month into office and already they have added nothing but debt. The reason for the increase is simple in its logic. Which is cheaper? Going to the doctor while you have the sniffles or going to the hospital because you have developed Pneumonia? Now multiple that by the current 32 million of uninsured. If people have insurance, they simply like to use the insurance to take care of medical problems before they become full emergencies. As it stands, when that care occurs as an emergency, the tax payers foot 100% of the bill. If the person is insured, then that is at least partially or mostly going to be covered by insurance companies. It really is that simple despite Fox News very effective attempts at making the idiots out there believe otherwise.

James Bond 23 Greenlit
Now that MGM has mostly settled its bankruptcy woes, the studio is now ready to finally move forward with the next 007 movie. They have announced that the next movie will hit theatres worldwide on 12/9/2012 with Daniel Craig reprising the spy and Sam Mendes (American Beauty). The director is an interesting choice since he has little action experience with a career made up mostly of small budget independent films.

Peach and Zelda Discuss Benefits of Being Kidnapped
An amusing College Humor short that points out the benefits of being the constantly being kidnapped by the powerful and rich enemies of Link and Mario.

Prima Guide Covers
Hit the link if want to see 20 years of Prima's covers for their many game guides over the years. It is worth a look just for the walk down memory lane of games gone by.

Greatest Retro Video Game Collection Ever
Speaking of a walk down memory lane, hit the link above to view 10 parts (each about 15 minutes each) of a huge video game collection from more or less the NES era to 32 bit era. It is amazing what this person owns.

Behind the Scenes of Tron Legacy
Cool video that hints at how some of the visual effects were done for Tron Legacy including de-aging Jeff Bridges.

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