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Friday, February 11, 2011

Links of the Week - Mubarak Resigns

Dictator Mubarak Era Ends in ResignationAfter 18 days of protests, Egyptian "President" Hosni Mubarak resigned turning the government over to the military's Supreme Council of the Armed Forces. In theory this could lead to democracy returning to the country with open elections instead of the essentially fake elections of the last few decades. It is also possible that the military simply decides to overthrow the country and install a dictator. Currently Egypt is in celebration mode so doesn't seem "What next?" has been considered just yet. The military has mostly taken a neutral position on the protests and attempted to maintain the peace and disrupt attempts at violence. What violence that occurred was mostly against pro and anti-Mubarak protestors. The net result is the military leadership clearly does not want to interfere with the wishes of the Egyptian people. A lesson the US could learn as Mubarak was a creation of the Reagan administration and supported by all that followed. Congratulations to the people of Egypt! The road ahead is long but may it be glorious.

FBI Investigating Scientology
Finally after decades of reports, the FBI has finally decided to do its job and investigate the Church of Scientology. The church has long been accused of essentially treating many of members, especially those in "Sea Org" as virtual slaves, abusing children and engaging in practices that you would expect to read about from a dictatorship instead of a so-called church. The cult, of course, denies the allegations and probably even now using its full legal and lobbying efforts to end the investigation as soon as possible. While I expect nothing will truly come of this, it is hopefully one of many small steps needed to end this dangerous and greedy cult. Hit the link for the details.

15 Super Bowl Movie Ads
In case you missed it, hit the link to see the latest ads for upcoming summer movies including Thor, Captain America, Transformers 3, Super 8 and many more.

Best Buy's Buy Back Program Crap Deal
During the Super Bowl Best Buy officially announced a "buy back" program for those that like to keep up with the latest, greatest technology. Consumer Reports crunched the numbers and the conclusion was the expected one - it is a crappy deal and not worth it. If you have the money to upgrade at a pace that makes the deal worth considering, then likely the few hundred dollars you might save isn't that big a deal.

Reilly Interrupting Obama Mash-Up
Before the Super Bowl, super dickhead Bill O'Reilly sat down with President Obama and once again reminded everyone what a total jackass he is. Using his usual disrespectful tone, expressions and just general egotistical behavior, O'Reilly proved what a scumbag he is. As proof, hit the link and watch just a cut of the interview that shows O'Reilly interrupting the President 48 times during the interview. I guarantee that if a reporter had done that to Bush, O'Reilly would have spent a week for attacking that network for showing such disrespect.

For First Time, The Entire Sun
Even thought you might have thought so, the human race has never actually seen the entire sun. We only see one side of the sun at any given time. Thanks to two satellites that NASA launched in 2006, we now have for the first time in history a full 360 view of the Sun. Hit the link for a video that shows us the image and how NASA did it.

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