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Friday, March 11, 2011

9.0 Earthquake with Tsunami Hits Japan (Updated)

At 2:46PM Japan time (5:46AM UTC/GMC time or 12:46am EST) a 9.0 magnitude (upgraded from 8.9) earthquake struck 231 miles off the coast of north Japan. The resulting tsunami was reported to be as high as 33 feet high when they struck the coast of Japan causing extensive damage and unknown casualties. Aftershocks continue to be felt in the country as rescue efforts begin. The earthquake is the fifth largest recorded magnitude since 1900 and the largest recorded for Japan. (EDIS details on quake)

In additional at least 20 countries and Pacific islands have issued tsunami alerts. Effected countries include Russia, Indonesia, Guatemala and state of Hawaii. The time of land fall can be estimated but size of the tsunami when it hits will be unknown as no telling how much it may dissipate as it travels across the Pacific Ocean. There is even a giant whirlpool off the coast.

For Japan the crisis turns to rescue and recovery with shelter, food and water becoming an issue for people trapped by the water, mud and destruction. For the rest of the world, we hold are breath and wait to see what happens as countries in the tsunami's path are hit. Thoughts and prayers to the people of Japan.

Below are links to live coverage of this tragic disaster along with a video of the tsunami as it swept across farmland taking homes, cars and more with it a path of destruction.

Live Japan TV UStream | Live AlJazeera TV | Live BBC News

Update: The tsuanami wave has hit the various Pacific countries but the after effects continue. The wave reached as far as six miles inland near Sendai, destroying entire town in the Miyagi Prefecture. Japan's nuclear power plants are in a state of emergency as cooling systems have failed and its possible the venting of nuclear gas may be necessary to avoid a meltdown. If that wasn't enough, some of them are now reporting radiation leaks into the surrounding area. Now buildings are collapsing, on fire and people are stuck on roofs desperate for rescue. Land all along the Pacific Ocean were hit, with reports of 8 foot waves in Hawaii (causing minor damage) and retaining enough power to still be a few feet high wave rolled through San Francisco Bay. The long term problems Japan is facing are massive in proportion. We already know the Japanese people are resiliant and strong. The question isn't will they recover, just how long it will take.

If you wish to donate, the Red Cross is taking donations here or used text messaging by sending the word REDCROSS to 90999. Each text will donate $10 to the fund and will show on your next phone bill.

Here are more links to coverage, videos and more of this tragic disaster that has taken a current unknown number of lives.

Tsunami hits Sendai - 18 minutes of video as the tsnuami strikes area
Google Crisis Reponse Site - resources to get more information, including "People Finder" for those effected by disaster.
Power of the Japan Tsunami - Color code image of tsunami amplitude (in cm) for 1st 24 hours of wave propagation.
Earthquake Ripple video - Computer generation of shockwave as spreads across Pacific Ocean
Audio of Quake - "harmonic and rhythmic sounds are the sonification of seismic activity off coast of Honshu" during the quake.
Skyscapers swaying video - Bizarre to see even if part of building design to help absorb earthquake shock waves.
Eyewitness Video Collection - A bunch of videos that show the disaster as it occurred
Aerial Photos of Destruction - Large gallery that shows extent of the damage to Japan

UStream Live

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