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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Links of the Week - Union Busting

Wisconsin Senate Passes Anti-Union Law
For the last three weeks, the Wisconsin state Congress has more or less been grid locked. The reason was because of a requirement to have quorum (min. number of representatives) to pass bills involving the state budget. After a multitude of threats while constantly claiming the union busting was for fiscal reasons (despite common sense and evidence to the contrary), the Senate GOP decided to make an on the fly re-interpretation of the rules and removed all financial provisions of the bill leaving only the union busting portions and then passing it in the space of about 10 minutes. This bill has become the template of what GOP is attempting to do in almost two dozen states.

This sudden ability to pass the law despite what the law says proves what everyone already knows - the GOP is nothing but a group of liars that only care about the rich. They claims it was all about balancing the state budget (after giving $140 million to the rich in tax cuts) but out of nowhere they pass the bill as a non-budget bill. It can't be both. It either is about the budget or it is all about just busting unions while using the GOP caused state budget crisis as the excuse. The GOP has one goal and everything they do is in support of that goal, "Make the rich richer, to hell with the rest." That should have been obvious for years but Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker being tricked into revealing his desire to change history to someone pretending to be billionaire and huge GOP support David Koch.

What the GOP is doing is despicable but then again I have never heard or met a GOP supporter that didn't have wandering morals and are huge hypocrites. Need evidence? How about the Wisconsin Senate Majority Leader appearing on Faux News to crow about his victory unintentionally let slipping a little truth, "If we win this battle, and the money is not there under the auspices of the unions, certainly what you’re going to find is President Obama is going to have a much difficult, much more difficult time getting elected and winning the state of Wisconsin." Basically the GOP is trying to bust the unions so that the Democrats have less money to run on elections with and possibly lead to defeat of Barack Obama. If you live in any of those states, is your state representative making decisions based on how it affects national politics really something you want them focused about? What happened to "jobs, jobs, jobs"? It’s been three months and so far it seems the GOP is focused on everything but that. Again, further proof of their real agenda. Jobs falls under "to hell with the rest" as do unions. Irony is I am not even a fan of unions as consider them currently no longer necessary but as corporations continue to have more and more say on our daily lives thanks to the GOP, it seems that belief needs to be re-evaluated.

Nebraska Anti-Abortion Law Failure
As a sign on why abortions are medically necessary, Danielle Deaver and her husband were forced to watch for 15 minutes as their just born baby died while gasping for air. The parents and doctors knew far in advance that this would occur but due to Nebraska's law, they could do nothing. The law is one of many the GOP is passing to provide cover for their only real agenda - "Make the rich richer." This is just smokescreen for that so can tell the idiotic base "hey look what we did, now support our rich richer agenda!" And it works as the Tea Party doesn't seem to want limited government in telling you how to live your lives but is desperate for limiting government if it might hurt rich people or corporations. Not sure when people will understand that if you are not rich, the GOP simply doesn't care about you. A baby essentially tortured for 15 minutes to score political points is just further proof of this.

GOP Wants to Raise Retirement Age
Funny how while running for office the GOP never mentions their key desire to essentially end or at least limit social security. Now they are proposing raising the retirement age to 70. If this was part of much needed cuts to defense, ending corporate tax loopholes and raising taxes on everyone (but especially the rich) then this might actually be a wise choice to truly end the deficit for the first time in generations. However, the proposal, exists to make sure the Bush tax cuts for the rich remain in place and keep the defense industry happy. Again, the GOP's one goal - "Make the rich richer, to hell with the rest."

Emergency and Disaster Information Services Map
Hit the link for a cool, live map of the world that provides information on every major disaster in the world. It includes information on earthquakes, bio hazards, floods and more. It even includes data on "mass death of animals." Depressing but shows there is more than has been reported in the press.

Behind the Scenes of Old Spice
A cool video that gives a little insight on how the one shots are done for the Old Spice commercials.

Star Wars 3D Begins
Lucasfilm has announced that next year begins the yearly release of all six films to theatres in 3D. The first film, The Phantom Menace, will be released on February 10th, 2012 which is an excellent time as that is usually a bit of a dry period for films as most studios hold back for the summer.

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