"An era can be said to end when its basic illusions are exhausted." - Arthur Miller

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Goodbye Gizmo

I don't really get into personal stuff on my blogs. Main reason is because just like my privacy but in this case it seems needed as for me it is a true End of an Era with the death of my cat of nearly 19 years - Gizmo (11/1992 - 4/2011).

He was a cat of pure love that made it so easy to love him back. He gave it and received it absolute ease and no conditions. The simple act of existing and acknowledging his existence with all he needed to be happy. The simple act of saying his name would lead to a pleased look and this loud rumble that was surprising loud for such a little body. He was so slow to anger. He hated his belly to be touched and messed with and yet despite that you would have to spend a determined five minutes to build his aggravation to the point to even get the growls to come out of him. By then the hurt look on his face would compel you to stop and give him a hug. If you got to loud, he seemed to read that as a sign of distress and would make it his mission by insisting you come down, either by meowing loudly or hopping on you and biting at your head until you stopped.

He loved bed time, often coming to get me if I was taking too long and leading to the room. He would hop into his "well" and I would drift to sleep with his quiet purring next to me and wake up the next day to his presence. The moment he knew I was awake the purr would start again. He loved nothing more than to be around me even if just across the room.

If I have one regret with him it was the last week of his life. It was not really a busy week or anything; I just had things I was doing. He continued to lull me to sleep and be there when I woke. Where normally I rub him, hub him and retrieve him to put in my lap, that week I didn't really do that. A wave would be enough (last thing I did before his death) instead of what should have been a hug or a rub. I didn't go get him as much as I normally do, leaving him to his own devices.

I don't doubt he knew I loved him, I just am sad that his last week was less than it should have been. I regret taking him for granted and just assuming he would always be there. To all of you, just make sure to give your pets that extra hug, another second of rub and don't let just calling their name or a wave be enough to show you care. That last week will probably become one of my great regrets.

Goodbye Gizmo. The greatest, sweetest, most loving cat I have ever experienced. You were pure love without a touch of malice, something that is truly rare in this world. You will always be cherished for the happiness you brought to my life.


  1. I know what you mean... I'm sorry.

  2. Having just lost my loving companion (a black lab/golden retriever mix) Brandy in late November 2010, I know exactly how you feel. They say that time heals all wounds, but trust me when I say that is not true. Certainly, the sting lessens over time, but when you lose dear friend like this, you never truely get over it completely. Try not to think of regret, because who does not have at least some regret in every relationship they have ever been a part of? Just remember the good times. You have my sympathy.