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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Links of the Week

Lego Super Star Destroyer
Lego has announced that they are going to release a 3,152 piece set that re-creates Star Wars' Super Star Destroyer. The set will retail for $399.99 and come with Dengar, Admiral Piett and IG-88 minifigs.

Weiner Resigns, GOP Wins Again
Once again the GOP successfully proved that they do not have to be held to their own standards. Under mounting pressure from the typically spineless Democratic leadership, Anthony Weiner resigned his seat in Congress. This is despite the fact that while he flirted online, GOPer David Vitter was caught breaking the law by cheating on his wife with prostitutes and fellow GOPer John Ensign was caught breaking Congress rules by covering up that he cheated on his wife with a staffer. Sure Ensign resigned but not because of the cheating but because of breaking the rules was going to get him kicked out. Keep in mind that while the press was relentless for nearly three weeks to cover this, ignoring everything else in the process, they barely gave more than a few days coverage to the other two for much more egregious behavior. The double standard lives on and now the Democrats have proven that it’s ok for Republicans to declare open season on them. Why kill em with better policy if can do it with a tweet or two? I do agree with Crook and Liars, I honestly don't care what all three of them did. I dislike the hypocrisy of the two GOPers since they ran on family values but overall who they cheat on or with isn't my concern. Those actions don't affect me. What policy and laws they propose do. I wish that is what the press would spend their time covering but given a choice between the story of wieners that doesn't affect us and the story of things that do, they will also go for things that don't matter.

Fox News False Statements via Daily Show
Hit the link above for an interesting video from the Daily Show. For the setup Jon Stewart appeared on Chris Wallace over the weekend and pointed out that polls have consistently shown that Fox News viewers are the most misinformed audience because of the constant slanting the channel does. Wallace, of course, went through the usual Fox gymnastics of bring up irrelevant things to make their argument. PolitiFact stepped in and declared Stewart's statement as "false" as they decided to cite polls that mostly tested political knowledge instead of misinformation. By this I mean for example, knowledge would be "Who is the President?" vs. misinformation like "Do you believe the President a citizen of the United States?" A Fox News person is most likely to answer "no" to the second question while an informed person would probably just be insulted. Any case, instead of arguing that nuance, Stewart decided to make a "correction" and then cited many examples of the misinformation (aka lies) that Fox News has been caught selling by PolitiFact.

Lego Technic Starcraft II Banshee Fan Creation
Another sweet Lego set created by drakmin. Below is a video of the fan creation of the popular craft in the video game.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 Trailer #2

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