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Friday, August 26, 2011

Linkfest - Endings

The last week has been a series of ending it seems both big and small. Libya might just experience democracy for the first in generations as Gaddafi has seemingly been overthrown, Steve Jobs steps down as CEO of Apple, a memorial finishes and a legendary hacker joins the team he often defeated.

The End of the Gaddafi in Libya
Hit the link for an interesting explanation on how Libya uprising succeeding in potentially toppling the current dictatorship. The story is how a determined people, with solid planning, ingenuity and sacrifice can overcome impossible odds. It is also a story of how true democracy must succeed. Not handed to the people as a "gift" like it was done by the United States in Iraq and Afghanistan but an organic hard fought decision by the people themselves, sadly earned with the literal blood of family and friends.

Steve Jobs Resigns as CEO of Apple
One of the most successful CEO's in history has officially resigned his position, many believe due to his continued fight with cancer. It is no small exaggeration to say that Steve Jobs is one of the most important people in the history of computers, an invention that literally changed how society operates in just a few short decades. His achievements in technology development changes how we perceive information, enjoy entertainment, learn and so much more. While I may not like how Apple operates, there is no doubting that the things Jobs spearheads has literally changed the world for the better. Few people can make such a claim.

JailbreakMe Creator Hired by Apple
In a classic game of if you can't beat em, Apple has hired Comex aka Nicholas Allegra who created the hack JailbreakMe that three times created a truly idiot proof, untethered jailbreak of iOS devices like the iPad and iPhone. His work was considered nothing short of genius by the hacking and security community. With him working behind the scenes (hopefully for megabucks), it could lead to the end of the jailbreak era for Apple devices. Congrats to Comex, but a tragic for the rest of us.

Understanding 9/11 - A Television News Archive
Hit the link to view videos that put together 6 days of coverage of the attacks over in 30 second increments from 20 channels. Even now seeing those buildings fall makes me cry.

Eight Years of 9/11 Memorial in 90 Seconds
Below is a video from NBC that shows the construction of the 9/11 Memorial which will be publically unveiled on the 10th anniversary of the attacks that changed the world for the worse. The terrorists did win that day, just not in ways any of us imagined.

How Time Lapses Are Made
Below is a 30 minute video that breaks down how the time lapse videos that occasionally popup online and go viral. It’s amazing just how complicated it is with a whole lot of inventiveness and work involved.

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