"An era can be said to end when its basic illusions are exhausted." - Arthur Miller

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Links of the Week - Politics

GOP Explained by an Ex-GOPer
Hit the link for an effective explanation of just how far gone the Republican Party is now. Despite their frequent claimed love of Ronald Reagan, not even he could get a vote in today's GOP. For example he committed the horror of raising taxes 11 times. This change of party first, business second, America last and what is motivating it was brilliantly broke down by Mike Lofgren, who was a Republican Congressional staffer for 16 years. He pretty much hits the nail on the head on not only how corrupt the GOP has become but why the weak Democrats are ineffective at countering them.

25 CEOs Who Made More Than Companies Paid in Taxes
One of the great cons (of many) that the GOP has pulled over the last year is successfully lying that taxes influence business more than any other factor. That because of taxes, business choose not invest in themselves, to grow, to try to perform better. The logic makes no sense but people follow it anyway. Even though 11 years of tax cuts have proven it doesn't work. It’s not even hypothetical anyone. Eleven years of tax cuts sold to create jobs and all that has occurred is 2 recessions, minimal job growth, smaller middle class, and the rich being richer for doing nothing. Yet the idiots still believe. Between the tax cuts and loops holes it has now reached the point where most CEOs now make more money than their companies pay in taxes (most pay $0). It is now past pathetic. Yet if anyone is experts at being pathetic, it is teabaggers and their ilk. Anyway hit the link for details.

Obama - Republican PresidentAnother interesting read, this one illustrates how Obama is probably one of the best Republican presidents since Lincoln. Most people don't think that Obama has followed a Republican agenda, but that is only because the GOP has skewed so far to the right. If you look at his policies though, they are spot on Republican. For healthcare, he chose the GOP solution from the 90s. For the stimulus, he went with the GOP solution of mostly tax cuts. For the wars, we are still fighting them. For the debt, he is happy to cut everywhere but where the GOP doesn't. Even Guantanamo Bay remains open. If you truly look at what Obama has done and supported and ignored the vitriol from the right, you will realize that he has been an amazing Republican president.

The 9/11 Tapes
Hit the link for a chronology of select recordings from the FAA from 9/11 that covers the first hijacking, through the tower strikes and ends with the orders that plains would need to be shot down. It’s sad to hear, acting as "live" disbelief that we all felt as events unfolded that day. The day the terrorists won as they changed the fundamental nature of America. People can claim we beat them by counting number of dead, but I argue that when the bad guys change who you are at a fundamental level, they achieved the victory. American is now a country full of hate, people living in fear and making decisions based on fear instead of hope. Something that is unlikely to change.

Schultz: Republicans Don't Care
Below is a video from Ed Schultz that restates with examples what I have been saying for years now. The unofficial slogan of the GOP is "Make the rich richer, to hell with the rest." If you are not rich, the GOP does not care about you. Ignore their words, look at their actions. When was the last time they actually supported something that improved your lives? Not some insignificant tax cut that you probably didn't even noticed but something that made your life better in the long term. Guessing you is coming up with nothing.

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