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Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Links of the Week - Lego & Politics

Lego Victorian House
That image to the left looks like a decayed Victorian House created by Mike Doyle. Very beautiful in its black & white decay. It also turns out it’s made up completely of Lego. Nearly 130,000 of them. Even more amazing is this is pure Lego, no wood, glue, or alterations. Just someone at the top of their building game. Hit the link for more images and details about its construction and click here for Mike's website.

10 Stubborn Food Myths
Hit the link to read about 10 myths that continue to thrive despite the science against them. For example "starvation mode" which takes weeks of low intake or 24 of no intake instead of the myth of one skipped meal. Another is salt is just bad for you. Your body needs it but like everything else, too much is a bad thing. The big one is turkey makes you sleepy. Turns out that while turkey plays a part, it really the cause is more about the volume of food being eaten rather than the amount of turkey that makes you sleepy after that Thanksgiving dinner.

13 Movie Poster Trends
Hit the link for wonderful collages that demonstrate thirteen common poster designs that should probably be retired. Examples include "tiny people on a beach", "run for your life" and "the red dress".

Huge Lego Battlestar Berzerk
Inspire by the series Battlestar Galactica, hit the link a huge Lego creation based on the ship from the fourth season movie "Razor".

GOP Front Runners Tax Cuts for the Rich
If you have been paying attention, it seems to be a common theme for the GOP to come up with "easy to understand" tax plans that sound pleasing to the ear. However what they fail to mention is most of those plans will blow up the deficit due to falling revenue and almost have no impact on more than 90% of the country. Rick Perry's flat tax plan would only reduce the tax burden of anyone making $50k or less about couple hundred at most. If you are in the $50k to $100k, you might save a thousand. Where do the savings really kick in? The rich of course where those that make $1 million plus would save $657,418 or more from his plan. On the bright side at least you might save some money even if in the grand scheme of an entire year it works out to only a few bucks a weeks. On the other hand Herman Cain's 9-9-9 plan increases the tax burden for anyone making $200,000 or less. Not much but it is still an increase. But if you make over that amount? Once again it’s a dramatic return as the chart to the right shows. In short, as always with the GOP, their tax cuts are a little bit here and there and a whole lot for the top 1%.

Perfect Summary of Current GOP Policy

Brickworld Fort Wayne 2011
As a political cleanser, check out the 20 minute video below that shows off all the creations on display at Brickworld Fort Wayne 2011.

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