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Sunday, February 05, 2012

Linkfest - Super Bowl and D'Ohs

Time for another linkfest of random stuff I liked online. For once it is politics free. This edition brings you links to the Super Bowl commercials, a Back to the Future diorama, Oscar nominations, a case against eliminating the penny, Avengers extended commercial, Homer Simpson, and analysis of a classic comic book storyline.

Super Bowl Commercials
The Super Bowl may have ended wtih a New York Giants victory of 21-17 against the Patriots but the commercials will live on for months. If you want to know what you missed (or watch them again), hit the link above.

Lego Back to the Future II Diorama
Lego master Alex Jones (Orion Pax) has built a diorama of Hill Valley 2015 complete with the vehicles, clock tower, theatre and more. At the link is all the images and click here for the rest of his creations. If the name Orion Pax seems familiar that is the name of Transformers Optimus Prime before he became the leader of the Autobots. (via Brothers Brick)

2012 Oscar Nominations
Hit the link for list of Oscar noms. Most of them (11) went to Hugo with The Artist scoring 10. My predictions: Best Picture (The Help), Best Actor (Jean Dujardin, The Artist), Best Actress (Viola Davis, The Help), Best Director (Michel Hazanavicius, The Artist), Best Supporting Actor (Christopher Plummer, Beginners), Best Supporting Actress (Octavia Spencer, The Help), Best Animated Film (Rango), Best Adapted Screenplay (Hugo), Best Original Screenplay (Michel Hazanavicius, The Artist)

The Case Against Pennies
Interesting article that points out how much of a waste of money it is for the government to continue to produce and back pennies. Let us face it, it is a rare day you find someone that likes to deal with pennies. The idea, done by several European countries with no problems, is that totals would be rounded to the nearest five cents. Even better would be if the price of all items includes taxes already (like when go to the movies) to make things even easier. Sadly, because government officials like to give lip service to saving money while not actually doing it, I doubt this will ever happen. Even worse, Americans think any idea that Europe does must by default be bad so that decreases the odds any further.

The Avengers Super Bowl Commercial (Extended)
This is the minute version of the ad that aired during the Super Bowl. So looking forward to this movie.

The Many D'ohs of Homer Simpson
Twenty season of "D'ohs" in 4 and half minutes.

Explained: The Death and Return of Superman
Humorous take, with a few famous famous, of DC Comics main event in the 90s of the Death and Return of the Superman. This is a story that got me into comics and looking back I have to admit this take on the story is pretty spot on. It was written and made by Max Landis, same guy that wrote Chronicles that just hit theatres.

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