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Monday, March 05, 2012

Linkfest - iPad 3

This bi-weekly list of links that grabbed my interest include a prediction for the iPad 3, a valuable comic collection, death of a hatemonger, some funny, some cool CGI, and two movie trailers.

Apple's iPad 3 Announcement Predictions
Wanted to get my guesses down for what Apple will announce on Wednesday. I think the iPad 3 will simply be a retread of the iPhone 4S release. By that, I mean the improvements will be minor and for most with a previous generation device, it will not really be worth upgrading for. Basically the hardware will just be a little bit better. The chip will be a little faster, the cameras a little better, the screen resolution a little better, the battery life about the same and it will have Siri. The price will remain the same. There will be no smaller model to compete with the Kindle Fire and Nook. The price of the iPad 2 will drop by $100 but mostly to get rid of stock, not to create a new long term price point. The availability will be mid to late March. In addition, Apple will announce something related to rumored Apple TV. I think at most that will just be their existing monitors getting a boost in size and resolution with Apple TV built in that allows for more flexibility on what apps can be installed. Anyone looking for a leap forward in TVs will be disappointed. Bsically to sum it up, those with an iPad 1 may need to make a decision on upgraded but those with iPad 2 probably do not have much to worry about.

Closet Comic Collection Sells for $3.5 million
The "Billy Wright Collection" recently sold at auction for $3.5 million. The collection was found in Wright's basement closet where he and his family had no idea of its value. It turned out it contained, in pretty good condition, some truly historic comics like Detective Comics #27 (1st Batman), Action Comics #1 (1st Superman), Marvel Comics #1, and more. Truly astonishing. Sadly, if you have comics and hope for the same result toss that dream for any comics made after the 1980s and especially in the 1990s.

Rest in Hell Andrew Breitbart
A little less evil has left the world has ultra conservative hatemonger suddenly died Saturday morning. The exact cause is unknown but most assume a heart attack. He was 43. He is known mostly for creating lies for fodder in the Fox News, Drudge Report attack machine cycle. You know the one where they pretend to report "news", repeat it over and over until people believes its true, until the real truth comes out and they just stop covering it while never bothering to actually correct their record of false reporting. Examples of Briebart's version of "journalism" includes the Acorn scandal (later proved fabricated but not before the organization closed), the attack on Sherry Sheppard (later proved false), and getting pics of Anthony Weiner's underwear covered weiner. You know the scandal that some how was equated to be greater then John Ensign's cheating on his wife with a staffer and then attempting to buy the husband off. The man existed to create strife and make money off that strife. While the Fox News machine may miss the cover he provided with his made up stories, his death will quickly be forgotten by everyone else.

Nathan Fillion, a Geek's Geek
I don't know how you can be a geek and not be a fan of Nathan Fillion. He just comes across as a good guy who enjoys fandom and the work he does. Which seems rare in Hollywood who tend to resent it more then anything. An example is the goofy video below that has some of the voice cast from Justice League: Doom.

CGI Building a Giant Lego Millenium Falcon
The below video, created by Francisco Prieto, took three years to make as he had to model all 5,195 pieces in the computer and then render it frame by frame. On server farms at ILM, that might be easier, but if doing it on a personal computer it can take literally a day or more just to render one frame. And that doesn't include editing choices and the way he laid out the construction which is a design and editing project all by itself. The result is excellent (and ILM should come knocking).

The Avengers Trailer #2
Second trailer for May's The Avengers that show what really looks like a must see movie.

Despicable Me 2 Teaser Trailer
The Minions return "singing" the Beach Boys Ba-Ba-Baran. The movie itself comes out in the summer of 2013. Hopefully this will just the beginning of a whole lot of Minion based teases over the next year.

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