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Monday, June 04, 2012

Linkfest - Death in 3s

For once a non-political post but sadly one with posts of dead entertainers with a mix of movie trailers.

Kathryn Joosten, Dead at 72
Over the weekend, TV lost a fan favorite with the death of Kathryn Joosten at the age of 72 after a long battle with lung cancer. She came onto my radar do to her memorable character of Dolores Landingham on The West Wing, a character that died all too soon in the series. She popped up again and again on TV, often for brief but excellent roles including another favorite of mine in Scrubs. Her final role was on Desperate Housewives which ended its series run in May. Never knew her personally but she did what I think any entertainer wants... to be remembered for their work. I remember hers and was looking forward to her popping up again on TV. I guess now we will just have to stick with our memories and repeats.

Donna Summer, Dead at 63
It does seem celebrities’ death occurs in 3s as another legend died back on May 18th. The "Queen of Disco". Her hits included "Bad Girls, "She Works Hard for the Money", and "Hot Stuff." Her songs hit the billboard top 100 four times. Recording Academy President Neil Portnow said. "Her talent was a true gift to the music industry, and our thoughts and sympathies are with her family, friends and fans throughout the world during this difficult time."

Richard Dawson, Dead at 79
Another TV legend died Sunday due to esophageal cancer. Richard Dawson was the long time host of Family Feud, known for his charm, quit wit and wiliness to flirt with the women contestants for a kiss. Dawson said in the interview it was very important to him "that I could kiss and touch all people. To say kiss, it sounds crazy, but they're all people and that's how I saw them, whether I liked them or didn't like them." Below is a classic Feud clip.

The Definitive Photograph of Planet Earth
Hit the link for a detailed image of Earth taken from space. Unlike previous hi-res images that were composites of lots of images, this one is a single 121 megapixel image take by the Russian weather satellite the Electro-L. More details can be found here.

The Bourne Legacy Trailer
New trailer for the fourth Bourne film that seems to take place sometime during the 2nd and 3rd films. It seems that while the government was hunting Jason Bourne, they were also trying to clean and eliminate all trails to Treadstone including any operatives it had created. Over all seems like a creative way to do a sequel without just starting over.

Amazing Spider-Man Preview
Below is a four minute look at the upcoming movie.

60000 Domino Fall
Interesting video that shows the 65.5 hours to set up 60000 dominoes that fall in about 12 seconds.

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