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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Linkfest - New Apple, Microsoft Tech

Time for more stuff that grabbed my interest (or linkfest to keep it simple). This week found the cool image of a Lego mini-fig, Apple and Microsoft has new toys that might be worth buying (but not really), some Game of Thrones fun and upcoming movie trailers. What do you know, another week without politics.

Anatomy of a Lego Man
Hit the link to view images and breakdown of how this kind of creepy split section of a Lego man was produced by carving and painting polyurethane foam. The final result from artist Jason Freeny is a little over a foot tall but pretty cool looking. His equally bizarre art of the anatomy of a gummy bear can be found here.

Apple WWDC 2012 Announcements
Last week Apple held a developer's conference to announce a refresh of MacBook Pro and Macbook Air along with an update to OSX and iOS6. Over all it was a ho hum event. The Macbook Air is getting a speedier processor and tweaks but essentially the same product. The MacBook Pro is improved with a much thinner look and Retina display (whose resolution is so tight that it reaches point where can't really read the text). That small size and screen resolution level you will never use or need will set you back around $2200. The iOS6 update, which will not work on first gen iPads and first three generations of phones, is really nothing major. The big changes is Siri to iPad, Facebook integration, phone tweaks, safari update, and removal of Google Maps for Apple's own solution. Most of which jailbroken iOS and Android devices can already do.

Microsoft Surface Announced
Microsoft has finally entered the tablet business. Again. The company introduced the tablet concept years ago but the costs and design resulted in it never quite taking off as they had hoped. Now with the upcoming release of the very tablet friendly Windows 8, the company has decided to introduce their take on the tablet called Surface. The device is essentially the same size and weight as the iPad but with a key difference of the ability to act as a laptop. It’s the first tablet/laptop hybrid. To enforce this, Microsoft built in a kickstand so it can sit upright and a cover that has a built in keyboard and mouse pad. Unless you are a gamer, this device might just meet your needs as your next computer purchase since you can still do normal Windows laptop stuff or normal tablet stuff depending on needs. The gotcha is the price as they just said it would be price competitively to existing tablets and ultrabooks, so a range from $500 to $1200. Assuming it can handle dual monitors and someone makes a docking station for it (like exists for laptops), I see little reason why this can't be an all in one desktop/laptop/tablet solution all in one device. That is something Apple doesn't even come close too. It’s too early to call this an iPad killer but the correct accessories, price and sales pitch could make that a real possibility. The full video announcement can be found here.

Game of Thrones Attack Ads
Hit the link for three fake attack ads against characters in Game of Thrones TV series. The result is pretty spot on and actually useful way to show how these ads twist "facts" for those that are familiar with the TV series.

Monsters University Teaser Trailer
Below is the teaser trailer for the prequel to Monsters, Inc.

New The Dark Knight Rises Trailer
As a standalone trailer, kind of blah but since we know it’s the sequel to two other awesome films, it makes you excited to see the film.

Total Recall Trailer Comparison
An interesting video that uses the trailer for Total Recall 2012 and compares it to footage from Total Recall 1990. The creator calls it a rip-off but to be fair this is a remake that keeps most of the story and characters but jettisons Mars from the story.

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