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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Linkfest - Grand Finale

This weeks linkfest includes a goodbye to a great children's author, Emmy nomininations, cool Lego builds, launch of 135 shuttles, Oz trailer and a dig at the usual GOP hypocrisy.

R.I.P. Donald Sobol
Donald J. Sobol, the author and creator of the Encyclopedia Brown children's books, died at the age of 87 around July 11th. He wrote more than 80 books with 29 of them Encyclopedia Brown books from 1963 with the final book called "Encyclopedia Brown and the Case of the Soccer Scheme" coming out in October. I remember reading his books as a child, always trying to find a new one that I had not read before at the library. His books are the reason I developed a love of reading. A love that continues despite the mini-war my English teachers had waged on it. I think it’s time I do some catching up on those stories, just to see what mysteries I have missed. Thank your Mr. Sobol for teaching me to love reading.

2012 Emmy Nominations Announced
Hit the link to see what favorite TV shows were nominated for the 2012 Emmy Awards. The winners will be announced on September 23, 2012. Few surprises in the list with the safe choices (those who offend least) occupying most of the categories. A few surprises include Lena Dunham for Girls (decent choice), Veep (really? not that funny a show), Don Cheadle (could do the role in his sleep), Kathy Bates (really? not enough to fill the category?), Ashley Judd (more proof that "movie stars slumming it" always get Emmy love even when not deserved) and lots of love to Sherlock (sweet). Sadly that mostly awful American Horror Story was also given lots of nominations. While a fan of the lovely Connie Britton, it doesn't deserve to win a single category. I am sure there are lots of snubs but except for Fringe, I can't think of any I care about.

200,000 Lego Roman Coliseum
As the image illustrates, this Lego piece built for the University of Sydney (Australia) is massive. It was built by Ryan McNaught to illustrate how the Coliseum looked today vs. 2000 years ago. Half of it is today, the other half with then with little details like tourists vs. Roman soldiers, restoration workers vs. merchants and so forth. Hit the link above for the full gallery and here for more from the Sydney Morning Herald.

Republicans Block Tax Breaks for Small Businesses
Funny how Republicans say they care about small businesses and tax breaks for all. Yet when giving an opportunity to back words with action, they decided to vote against a bill that would do just that. The reason? It didn't give tax breaks to the rich or large corporations as the bill specifically built in a cap of $500,000. Your average local store and restaurant easily falls under that threshold. Your average corporation does not. To the Republicans, any tax break that isn't designed specifically for the rich really isn't a tax break worth having. Hypocrisy = Republican, no exceptions.

The Dark Knight Rises Soundtrack
Hit the link to listen to the entire soundtrack to The Dark Knight Rises. The music doesn't stand on its own too well but it still is fascinating to listen too.

135 Grand Finale: Space Shuttle Launches At Once
Below is a video that shows off all 135 launches of the retired Space Shuttle program at once. Be warned, it suddenly gets loud when all 135 engines fire at once. It does include the Challenger explosion and does not hide it.

Lego Portal Gun
Below is a video that shows off the legoized version of the gun used in the video game Portal. It was created with 2000 Lego pieces with motorized parts and lights.

Oz the Great and Powerful Trailer
Below is the trailer for Sam Raimi's (Spider-Man, Evil Dead) film that is inspired by the Wizard of Oz novels. This one doesn't follow Dorothy but instead explains how the false wizard entered Oz and became its leader.

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