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Friday, October 19, 2012

Linkfest - Batcave, Taxes, Time-Lapse, and The West Wing

This linkfest is politics heavy (election coming up after all) but to start things light there is a look at a cool Batcave. After that the politics kick in with look at why tax cuts without strings do not work, the lies of Romney/Ryan and an essay about failings of both parties. If want to skip the politics, after those links to info on the update Nook HD, a cool time-lapse video, and brief reunion of the West Wing cast. Massive Lego Batcave
Hit the link to view a gallery of a gorgeous Lego version of the Batcave. The huge structure was built by Carlyle Livingston II and Wayne Hussey over the course of six months. It took over 20,000 Lego and weighs more than 100 pounds. It has little touches like built in lighting, motors to the Batmobile turntable, rotating costume and weapon walls, and moving Batplane lift. (via Brothers Brick)

Tax Cuts Without Strings Do Not Work
The Romney/Ryan ticket is proposing a 20% tax cut, mostly for the rich, with little means to pay for it. They claim it will boost the economy. They are wrong. The human condition along is why it will fail, even if ignore the failure that the last six tax cuts had on boosting the economy. This isn't to say a tax cut can't work, but it must be done with conditions or incentives. This is not a new idea, the states do it all the time. They offer tax cuts if corporations move their headquarters, build a factory, create jobs, buy supplies from a company in the states, whatever. That has proven to work.

That isn't what Romney and the GOP are proposing. They are just giving money to the rich and then hoping that this time they will spend it. The probably is they don't. Money that is not spent does not "trickle down". Money that is not spent does not boost the economy. When money is not spent, nothing can happen. There can be no goods provided, so no jobs to do/build them.

Think of it this way, when was the last time a tax cut motivated your spending habits? Probably close to never. What about sale price where something you have been interested in is something 20% cheaper? Probably frequently. That is the difference between a tax cut and a tax incentive. A tax cut does not motivate to buy something that you already decided was worth its current price. Put it on sale (tax incentive) that motivates you to spend. You give up something (money) to get something (that item at 20% less cost). Now scale this for the rich or corporations. They spend X dollars for something (jobs, factory, workers, etc.) to get Y% cut in taxes. The economy gets a boost, tax revenue gets a boost (good for deficit reduction), corporation saves money for something they were considering doing anyway and hopefully as a result jobs are created to fill the need that the dollars were spent on. It’s the very definition of win-win. Yet for some reason this common sense approach to tax policy will likely never happen.

10 Things Paul Ryan Doesn't Want You to Know
Speaking of the idiot Romney/Ryan tax plan, hit the link to learn more about why their approach is nothing but a disaster. It starts with it doing nothing to create jobs. Instead it will probably cause over a million in job losses as they cut things they don't like. Another disaster is desire to privatize social security (aka turn it into a form of 401k). You know when the economy collapsed in 2007, what impact do you think that would have had on social security recipients that were forced to play the stock market. If you said lose half their value and not be able to retire, then you are correct. As for that $716 Billion from Medicare number you have been hearing about, Ryan has his own plan for it - turn it over to the rich in tax cuts (see above on why that will not work). At least Obama's move is to save that much (not remove) by forcing more effective medical care (cut down on unnecessary tests, seek out over billing, etc.). They also want to end Obamacare while proposing nothing to replace it (not no GOPer has proposed any counter plan in four years). They will also add potentially up to $5 billion to the deficit (much like Bush's tax cuts did). They assume, despite history proving otherwise, that giving the rich tax cuts will eventually trickle down to everyone else resulting in increased revenue. See above again on why that will not work.

The Audacity of Nope
A great essay from writer Peter David (Star Trek, comics, list is long) where he expresses his irritation at the constant hypocrisy of the GOP and the wimps of the Democrat party. It pretty much sums up my frustrations with both parties and the people that excuse their behavior.

Nook HD Announced and Video
It took a while but Barnes and Noble finally announced their next generation tablet with the Nook HD and Nook HD+. Really there is little difference between these and the new Kindle Fire tablets. One main benefit is the nook does have a microSD port. The prices are the same $199 and up, the speed about the same, resolution, operating system (custom Android 4.0) with different UI approaches. Pretty much if you liked the Nook, no reason to not stick with it but little reason to jump around between the brands if already locked into their purchase ecosystems. The new Nooks should be out on November 1st.

Beautiful Time-Lapse Video Below is a great time-lapse video that shows multiple different environments and situations as the camera often moves with the scene. Some are short, some are long but all look cool.

The West Wing Reunites in Walk and Talk the Vote
Most of the cast of The West Wing including Martin Sheen, Bradley Whitford, Janel Moloney, Richard Shift and more re-united to create the short video to practically promote the campaign of Mary McCormack's sister and also to get people to vote. The result is a tongue in cheek video that partially sends up the West Wing's style.

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