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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Linkfest - Goodbye Arcades and the PS2

For once a linkfest without politics. Mostly because just don't feel like talking about it since the year has opened with more of the same. If had hope that Senator Reid would grow a pair and alter the filibuster rules to return to the more transparent "Mr. Smith" style that Republicans eliminated in 1971 (I think) then might be more involved but I suspect this year will end up looking like last year. In any event, below is a look at the Superman S-shield, goodbye to the PS2, death of the arcade, data caps sucking, behind the scenes of the Avengers and Red 2 trailer.

120 Superman S-Shields from 75 Years
An interesting infographic that shows off the Superman shield from every year including the variations that would pop up from year to year and in movies and cartoons. Of note is while the shield mostly remained static for 60+ years, the last 10 years brought about the most constant change in design which makes since only because DC is constantly engaging in gimmicks to maintain their audience. As for the picture to the left, those represent the highlights of the 120.

Playstation 2 Officially Retired
After a 13 year ride, Sony has revealed they are officially retiring the Playstation 2. The console will no longer be manufactured by Sony so once the remaining consoles sell out in stores, they will not be replaced. The PS2 legacy, beside its long life, is 10000 games and 150 million units sold. Makes you wonder how long the PS3 will last especially now that the PS4 is just around the corner.

The Life and Death of the American Arcade
An interesting article that looks at the rise and the decline of arcades in America. I grew up playing in them and as a result experienced them at near height of popularity all the way to their almost complete disappearance. The main one I grew up playing at still around but clearly on its last legs. Sad to see this form of entertainment disappear but the simply reality is that home consoles made them obsolete.

Why Data Caps Suck
An interesting video that breaks down the lie of data caps. The summation of it is that anytime someone makes the argument they are needed, they either do not know what they are talking about or they own stock in some communications company. The only reason they exist is so companies do not have to invest in improving their infrastructure while making more profits without providing more anything. In other words, the caps allow them to make pure profit with no cost to themselves for it. Its a beautiful system for the company but horrible for consumers and the opposite of how a free market should work.

Creating The Hulk for The Avengers Part 1
Below is a video from ILM that shows a little bit on how they created the Hulk visual effects for last year's The Avengers.

The Visual Effects of The Avengers
Another ILM video short, this one is an overview of the many effects in The Avengers including the aliens, the Hellicarrier, and more.

Red 2 Official Trailer
A look at the sequel that isn't coming out until August. Its a long wait but if the movie lives up to the trailer's promise, it will be an entertaining movie.

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