"An era can be said to end when its basic illusions are exhausted." - Arthur Miller

Friday, October 18, 2013

$24 Billion Lost

The cost of the government shutdown that last 16 days to the United States economy was $24 billion.  $24 billion, with a B. Remember that number the next time Republicans talk about fiscal responsibility.

$24 billion, to gain nothing in return. $24 billion to accomplish nothing except look like fools and please their Tea Party morons, the same morons that later complained when government services were not available when they wanted them, even though their leaders were doing exactly what they wanted.  $24 billion which could have paid for a host of programs, helped a host of people, that painfully proves that government is needed.

While I hope that Republicans look at this and decide that maybe their goal should be to improve government. To fix what is broke, to always improve what is already working, and to cut the fat where clearly it needs to be cut. Sadly, the Republican party lives to break that which works and make worse those things that need to be improved. Sadly, the Republican party believes a hammer is always the solution when a scalpel is needed. Sadly the Republican party is nothing but fools that seem to be determined to destroy the United States just so they can claim a empty victory. The Tea Party is a cancer on American but before they rot away hopefully they will take the Republican party with them. The conservative movement has consistently been on the wrong side of history and sadly it looks like that will remain true.

$24 billion, lost for nothing.

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