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Wednesday, October 02, 2013

RIP Tom Clancy

Sadly one of my favorite writers Tom Clancy died today at the age of 66. He was most known for the creation of the Jack Ryan character that was the star of a bunch of his books from the mid-80s to today with five movies created based on the character. I have been reading his books since I was in Jr High with some of my favorite books being Red Storm Rising, The Sum of All Fears and Executive Orders. I have long looked forward to each new novel, reading through them in just days. I recommend reading any you can get hold of with a special focus on the Jack Ryan series. While his post 2001 politics often mucked up the books, they were still entertaining reads. His last Jack Ryan novel, Command Authority, will be out at the end of the year. While my mini write-up is frankly crap, I do recommend reading AV Club's look back at this fantastic writer an enduring character that will soon be as well know as Jason Bourne and James Bond. Thanks you John Clancy for the great childhood reads that carried on into adult. Your creativity will be missed.

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