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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Batman v Superman Comic-Con Trailer

Saturday at the San Diego Comic Con 2015, WB premiered the new trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. It looks like the movie is going to directly confront one of the biggest complaints from the first movie - Superman's indirect responsibility for killing what looks like a few million people when a significant section of Metropolis (which in the movie verse is across the river from Gotham). But if pay attention to newspaper articles and the like, it seems the death toll somehow only numbers in the hundreds so I suspect some comic book logic kung fu is used to minimize the damage. For me the real concern is that the movie is making the mistake that now two Spider-Man movies made by wasting precious screen time trying to set up too many other movies in the process. Amazing Spider-Man was so crammed that the resulting noise took down what should have been a good movie but the cramming resulting in rushing important character building moments (Green Goblin, Electro's motivations just not making any sense, death of Gwen Stacy that could have waited for the 3rd movie, etc.). This trailer feels like that. I hope I am wrong.

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