"An era can be said to end when its basic illusions are exhausted." - Arthur Miller

Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Let the GOP Implement Their Wish List

200M Americans decided to not vote and therefore support the winner while an additional 50 million voted for President Trump. As of now the GOP have zero excuses for not implementing their wish list of laws and changes. After all they have a majority at the state level, in the House, in the Senate and shortly in the Supreme Court. 250M+ Americans have demanded they be allowed to do what ever they want and Democrats should stay out of their way.

While elected Democrats should vote their conscious, otherwise they should not interfere. No poison pills, no tricky admendments, no behind the scenes gamemanship. Vote yea or nay and stay out of the way. Let the GOP and their supporters get EVERYTHING they want. All of it. No matter what the law is and the potential harm it will cause. The GOP have promised that if they are allowed carte blanche, we will see an economic and societal utopia. Let them have their shot at it.

Those that voted against Trump, stop reading political sites, stop watching the news, just use that time to do other things like read a book, hang with loved ones or do your favorite thing. Check out for the next four years. Let the chips fall where they may and do nothing to prevent them from landing be it for good or bad.

Let them all feel the love if the promised trickle down utopia emerges or the pain if it doesn't. The demographics have demanded this. Around 42% of women voted for Trump so clearly nearly the majority want a roll back on women's rights. around 12% blacks voted for Trump so sadly they are screwed but based on city heat maps it appears most stayed at home and so are part of the 200M that supported Trump by their inaction. Around ~40% of Latinos voted for Trump so it seems they think by a not insignificant margin that Trump is right on immigration. If any of these groups have supported Clinton in higher numbers, the poor white man vote would have not made the difference. Again 200M Americans choise to not act and by their inaction they declared their support for the victor aka President Trump. Follow the will of the people and let the GOP give them EVERYTHING they have coming to them. Do not interfere, do not protest, let it happen and as promised will we will have utopia on earth in four years.

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