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Saturday, October 13, 2007

New Season Week 3 10/11

Little late cause bit behind on the tapes.

Smallville -The new supergirl in a tiny bikini. Still not keen on the face but that body is amazing. Oh and apparently her lack of skill at her powers (yet can fly) almost reveals the to be Superman's secrets. Oh noes, the last five seasons wasted!

Supernatural - Dean has a kid! Of course he doesn't, but makes a useful B-story for the main kid succubus story. But the ex-gf is hot. Never seen her before but damn! Also a return to the family history with the discovery that anyone that knew the heroes mom has been killed in some way over the years.

Big Shots - Its being called a guys Sex in the City (but not as good) but really its more a male-centric Desperate Housewives. The situations are equally over the top, all the women are 10s up and down the age chain (not complaint as 40-something can be more beautiful and sexy then 20-something, see Paige Turco). One guy is worred about a transexual, another is jealous of the friendship his mistress has with his wife, another just seperated and already getting hotties jumping him, and the last is the Teri Hatcher comic relief. Its an entertaining show but I am thinking its days are numbered.

Ugly Betty - Why am I still watching this show? It bores me now. I don't even know what happened. I tried to watch, I really did but I just didn't care. When they get into the Betty family stuff I just cut off.

Grey's Anatomy - The Gray's fight, George leaves the wife and outed as a repeat intern, and Izzy loses an old guy after spending all day with him (cause doctors care that much, mmm hmm). Ok ep, better when gets that ER vibe, not so good when focuses entirely on the personal.

My Name is Earl - The origin of how the cast...er gang got together. It was a decent episode. Origins where hte usual strangeness involving pregnancy, robbery and crashing into FBI vans.

30 Rock - Uh no idea what happened. Didn't pay it much attention.

The Office - Mostly boring episode, funny bit with kidnapping a pizza delivery boy and an inspired bit with the guy from the Daily Show singing ABBA's Take A Chance using Cisco phones as the chorus.

Survivor - I don't know why people don't get the simple rules to last a while in the game. Its real simple. Think of it as a bunch of executives in a meeting that lasts for a month; pretend to work hard, don't order anyone around, and keep the talk light and positive. As soon as you are percieved as not working (its all about perception not actual), as soon as you start to be boss, as soon as start talking in realistic (but read as negative) then you get kicked. Yes, most people need to be ordered and are not self-starters but most of those people don't think of themselves that way so resent people telling them what to do (usually those that resent it tend to be incredibily lazy but if ask them they think they work their tales off). So there you go, if treat Survivor as one long executive meeting, you too have a chance to last to the end.

CSI - Girl kills family after priest tries to go all Excorist on her. Priest then kills her. Pretty gruesome episode all told.

Without a Trace - Reporter disappears cause her son's fiance betrayed him and killed her. I think your supposed to feel sorry for the girl but nope didn't and so was bored. Sympathy takes more then just a sad story to overcome horrible behavior.

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