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Sunday, October 28, 2007

TV Quick Hits 10/25

Smallville - Lana Lang evil? Turns out that Lana was helping to keep Lionel Luther prisoner but sadly he escaped (why not kill him?). The story is a superhero show is filming in Smallville and the starlet is in danger cause a comic fiend takes the comic a little to far thinking the film should mirror by having her die. In the act of saving her a few times, the bad guy discovers Clark's alter ego and decides he too needs to lose a love one to become a true hero (shades of Flash's Zoom). All ends well of course...except Lex visits the guy to hear his story.

Supernatural - Guys goes to a town to stop two demons (and lovers). The female demon has a slight lisp but makes up for it by being absolutely gorgeous. Sasha Barrese plays the bad girl and I couldn't help but notice she would have made a great Bionic Women as far as the visuals go. Anyway the other development is the hint that Sam may have a massive dark side considering he is supposed to take up the mantle of leadership for all demons. Finally the demon gun is back in action thanks to the assistance of the friendly demon blond (the sassy and gorgeous Katie Cassidy). What is her agenda? Me thinks she is Lucifer in disguise. It appears that Supernatural is following the Angel/Buffy model of a season long Big Bad that guides the actions throughout the season until defeated in the season finale. Bout damn time that tradition came back to TV.

Grey's Anatomy - See Bailey missed her son's first Halloween and upset about it. George feels guilty about screwing another women. Meredith helps a boy get ears for free and Alex got his groove on with Ava (the ferry girl) but didn't follow up. So another meh episode. Dr. Hahn (Brooke Smith, attractive to me but not sure why) is back to torment yang

Big Shots - The transvestite black book silliness might be resolved as Terrence bought the book and gave it to Duncan. Course Terrence gets to sack the ex (Paige Turco) so why not. Just glad that storyline (I hope) has been put to bed. Wendy (Amy Sloan) shows off her magnificent body (in lingerie) to have sex with her husband which makes you wonder why he would cheat on such a knockout to begin with. Duncan's daughter (amazingly eyed Peyton List) highers a guy to help her do her job and of course plans to jump him at some point. Course the guy has an agenda of his own. Only on TV can the intern higher another intern to help her. Almost forgot about the other silliness with the Alias guy dressing up in a costume for his kids attention and turns out the ex-wife's boyfriend does the same so they fight.

Survivor - Another tribe interloper goes home, this time Sherea cause they lost a nasty food competition. Like dry heaves gross. On the bright side for the other two interlopers, the preview gave away the merge so the producers goal of a 5 v 5 teams were realized. Good play producers, but could you leave the actually playing to the players next time? Much appreciated.

My Name is Earl - Alyssa Milano guests, still looking fan-freaking tastic and barely looked like she aged a day. She plays the girlfriend of Frank, Earl's inmate friend. Nice to see her sex appeal on display after years of it being suppressed on Charmed. Joy vs Catalina (hmmm) cause of a picture Cat took that shows Joy crapping her pants (being preggers and all). As for the Earl side, his goal was to get Alyssa back with Frank but once he does realizes they need to break up because Frank was holding her back.

30 Rock - Carrie Fisher guests as an ex-writer of a sketch comedy show from the 70s that Liz (Tina Fey) was inspired by. Tina hires her as a guest writer who is more then a bit filthy in her preferences for sketch comedy results in both getting fired (gets job back at the end). Tracy explores his daddy issues with Jack (who ends up playing Tracy's entire family, hilariously). Jenna (the lovely Jane Krakowski) destroys Kenneth's page jack. After sex appeal fails to impress, Kenneth must do a Page-Off to keep his position or get transferred to CNBC. Sadly no page off occurs as everyone ordered back to work.

The Office - Dunder-Mifflin decides to run ads locally. Instead of simply waving their hands like supposed to, Michael tries to create his own which of course gets rejected.

Scrubs - The return of my favorite comedy on TV. Partly because of the ever more gorgeous Sarah Chalke. I swear the girl gets better looking every year. Anyway, the cliffhanger ending is that Elliot and JD where going to do it but that gets resolved in five seconds by them not. Despite not getting busy with JD, Elliot breaks off the marriage with Keith. Preggers Kim (yummy Elizabeth Banks) is still around. The rest of the guys (including Kelso) get involved in helping Joe, the patient with the great smile. The Janitor gets a girlfriend named Lady. Still doesn't have a name...yet. JD realizes he doesn't love Kim but will stay anyway for the child (depressing thought).

ER - Most of it boring but the Morris bit was funny. He's wearing a promise ring, which woman think is a wedding ring. So he is constantly getting hit on, including from some outstanding twins. Suffice it to say, knowing the hotties hitting on him is quite painful. When twins hit on you and you have to so no, can't help but feel for the man.

Law & Order: Criminal Intent - Forgot this show moved to USA Network. Had to hit the internets to get the first three eps. Still as interesting as was in the past. Alicia Witt joins the cast. Freaking gorgeous natural redhead (rare those) and even if didn't like the show probably watch just cause a fan. Her character not so realistic. The girl is too pretty to play a tough, socially inept detective. Pretty woman tend to get too many social opportunities growing up to not learn skills. Its why you have the socially inept, few opportunities to learn. She is there for sex appeal and doing a mighty fine job of it.

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