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Sunday, October 28, 2007

TV Quick Hits 10/26

Stargate: Atlantis - Blah episode. Shepard goes out and about, gets captured by a group that wants him to control an Ancient ship so they can use it to fight the wraith. Battle of wills ensue and eventually the group gets the ship and Shepard set free. The main problem with the ep is the woman playing the group's leader as she frankly couldn't act herself out of a cardboard box. Almost no inflection and no real acting skill was on display. It reminded me of a high school play. She looked good, real good, but looks are not enough so bad it makes you wonder who she is the girlfriend of within the show). The show implied the character could return, if so hopefully recast.

Friday Night Lights - Problem with this season is two many silly subplots. You have the murdering beauty and the geek storyline. You have the rebellious daughter acting like a jealous 6 year old of her baby sis and trying to nail the older man. Lila, still being the good christian, decides to befriend the hot convict and get him a job. Then there is the wheelchair man going down to Mexico to get shark crap injected in his spine, cause everyone knows Mexico is a haven of medicine. Really the only interesting story is the team as a whole, Coach Taylor, and of course the stunning Connie Britton. Thats a whole lot of dull going on.

Las Vegas - Funny running gag with Piper (lovely and dimpled Camille Guaty) in various Halloween costumes trying to scare the guys and failing. Delinda has to deal with a nutty and pregnant pastry chef. Mike helps his girl from an abusive husband (cause his running "joke" is always dating women with major issues). His solution is to go mano-o-mano and as the police pull up, toss him a gun so it looks like he was going to get shot. Kind of silly but whatever. Sam decides to participate in high stakes poker with the Tom Selleck, gets her rear handed to her and loses her lucky coin (where that come from?). All in all, other ho hum episode.

Women's Murder Club - Mom dies and the obsessive gym trainer did it, accidently cause didn't know about a latex allergy, which he used to tie her up. Not explained well how got there with the "evidence". The mix of serious with the light (mostly relationship related) is handled well. In the relationship part Lindsay agrees to a blind date just to make the ex jealous. Jill gets in trouble for taking in the now orphaned daughter and gets written up by the evil Denise (Linda Park, still looking off). Not idea where going with the evil boss thing as stuff like that gets boring real freaking quick because its so one note. Hopefully its a short term thing.

Moonlight - Rogue vampire killing escorts and Mick must hunt him down, but only realizing this after the initial goal was to find a missing girl. Beth (yums Sophia Myles) gets involved because she correctly surmised the serial killer angle. Pretty good fight on a roller coaster. More elaborate then television usually goes for.

Numbers - On the hunt for a bank robber who donates the loot to charity, the targets loot being gained through various nefarious ways. Helps bust them too. Navi Rawat remains absolutely stunning. Turns out the robin hood was doing it because his brother died fighting a fire for a runaway shelter.

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