"An era can be said to end when its basic illusions are exhausted." - Arthur Miller

Monday, October 15, 2007

Week 3 New Season 10/14

Sunday cartoon and goofy people night. Mostly.

Simpsons - Strange and boring ep of Marge getting held hostage at a bank and agreeing to meet the guy while in prison, but not, so gets kidnapped.

King of the Hill - Another wierd one where locals take over a surfing ride at a water park acting like they are surfers. Bobby and co want to ride but not allowed so Boomhauer has to re-tap his surfing abilities to give them access. Ug episode.

Family Guy - A repeat from last season where the town decides Stewie is possesed by the devil and needs to be exercised so the family moves to Texas (the copyright court morons of the world among other things) and lots of fun making of Texans (apparently deserved if Bush is any indication) occurs. Somewhat funny episode.

American Dad - Stan decides to destroy a man so he will believe in God. Meanwhile Steve is tricked by Roger into thinking he is going to the American Hogwarts but the potions class is actually mixing cocaine together. Basically another odd and only somewhat funny show.

Desperate Housewives - The neighbor still has a secret. Eddy still making Carlos marry her. Bree is still hiding the pregnancy. Basically the main story arc moved not a bit in this ep but the ladies looked good doing nothing.

Brothers and Sisters - Honestly completely forgot most of the episode. Something about the senator being threatend by his ex-wife but his fiance coming to the rescue. Sure other stuff happened but didn't care.

Cold Case - The jealous bully did it. A Elvis-lite is killed in 53 cause the bully wasn't the center of everyone's universe and he learned his mother wanted more then to be a housewife and the dad was cheating. Somehow it was Elvis's fault. Meh episode.

Shark - Coroner kills someone cause apparnetly was discovered fixing cases in what later is learned against innocent people. Apparently she was batting .000 in people she helped put to jail. So just a bad cororner all around.

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