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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Week 4 New Season 10/18

Smallville - For some reason Chloe is wigging out that she is a freak, even though she only used the power once, its the gift of life, and the only disruption its caused is self inflicted by the bizarre and sudden break-up with Jimmy at the end of the ep. Allison Mack does an excellent job (with a lovely bod) but really this ep was all over the place and pretty crappy setup all around. Dean Cain is played an immortal, one assumes Vandal Savage, but this intro episode was pretty bad. Also, somehow, the Martian Manhunter, knows Kara and her family.

Supernatural - Funny episode involving a cursed rabbit's foot. If own it have insane luck, but lose it and get insane bad luck that could kill. The ep also introduces the stunning Lauren Cohan (with a British accent) for a dose of needed estrogen as a rival bounty hunter. Rival in the sense that she likes to steal cursed objects and sell them.

Gray's Anatomy - Torres (Sara Ramirez, stunning woman) goes off verbally on Izzy (Katherine Heigl, yums too but something about her I don't like) for stealing her man. Other stuff too, but that was the only plot line that interested me.

Big Shots - Duncan decides to give monogamy a go with Lisbeth (drool worthy Paige Turco), and manages to dodge a few tempations including a naked Emmanuelle Vaugier (like any sane man could resist her naked). Lisbeth, on the other hand, decides to jump Terrence (The Dresden Files, hate that got cancelled). Meanwhile James (Michael Varton) gets laid by a consultant making Katie (Nia Long) jealous who loses her mind, in a way out of character as established from the previous episodes. And Karl (Joshua Malina) finds a man for Marla (hmm Jessica Collins), but didn't mean to. Wendy (yums Amy Sloan) remains oblivious of his cheating. Decent ep, but not enough Christopher Titus (still sucks his show was cancelled).

Survivor - Another person gone. This time from one of those annoying "shake things up" producer moves. In this case each tribe was told to pick the best two players of the opposing tribe. Obviousily the Zhan Hu tribe benefits the most from this move and the other tribe not at all. Its the yearly crap move of "how do we rebalance the tribes?" crap. I find it frustrating because the player is jettisoned more because of what the producers do rather then what the player did or did not do. Credit though to Peih-Gee for the brilliant stragedy of coming up with the plan to purposedly throw the next two eviction challenges to eliminate the two interlopers. That way when the merge occurs at 10 or so players (usually but not always), then the tribes will be represented equally (5 each) making for more competitive homestretch to the end. The girls though are horrible at hiding their intentions with an obvious throwing of the challange and then giggling and smiling about it. Gamemanship they do not have. Jeff called them on this move, one of the reasons I like him as host because its not all sunshine and light. As a result, Aaron was kicked and he simply didn't deserve to go.

CSI - Boy with boobs hangs and his neighbor shot to death. They thought he was killed as a hate crime but he just hated himself cause of his man-boobs. The neighbor died because he discovered that the areas drinking water was contaminiated (cause the boy's boobs) and killed by the boy's mother who thought he had caused the boy's depression. A side story is Grissom proposes to Sara, who accepts (but Jorja Fox is leaving the show so guess gets cold feet). The B story is Sara investigates the death of a body found at a contruction site, apparently killed in 196- for trying to dig up info on the mob running a casino at the time. A story interesting, B story pointless.

My Name Is Earl - Goofy episode where everyone decides to make up a short story, all of which are really off the wall and strange. More silly then amusing, I didn't particularily like the episode.

30 Rock - Great episode. Jack thinks he is up for GM chairmanship so much reluctanly part with his large cookie jar collection, since wierd hobbies don't fly in the corporate world. Meanwhile, Jenna is apparently funnier the fatter she is so Kenneth is trying to fatten her up again. Tina gets in a fight with Tracy's wife.

The Office - Michael is working two jobs because the girlfriend (Melora Hardin) is spending all his money and then some. The gorgeous Hardin continues to massive cleavage (how they do that?) continuing the fake boobs from last season. I wonder when she will pop up on Monk again (she is his dead wife). Big fan of the women, another one of those that simply gets more beautiful with age. Dwight has a bed and breakfast and finally gets over Angela with a little assitance from Jim, who explains why he left Scranton that first time (his unrequited feelings for Pam.

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