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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Week 4 New Season 10/19

Women's Murder Club - Jill (Laura Harris) has a new boss Denise who is played by Linda Park, who was absolutely gorgeous in Enterprise but here not so much. Not sure why but something is off about her looks. To thin? Bad hair? I don't know but something is off about her. Anyway, the main story is a subway shooting kills many including a vet and the club must track down the killer. Being a tv show, they get their man and all is right with the world. Considering the material, the show is oddly light but balanced pretty decently. Aubrey Dollar, as Cindy is still channeling Anne Hathaway and looking fantastic doing it.

Moonlight - Vampire gets stuck in the desert (cause sun drains them, not kill them), get dehyrated (lack of blood) and the hottie comes and offers up a wrist to restore him. Witness testifies and bad guy goes to jail. Decent show, modified take on vampires, not bad ep overall.

Numbers - Andrea Roth guest stars. For me thats pretty much all I needed to know. Had a crush on her since her Robocop The Series days (played the ghost). Like fine wine, she has just gotten better and more gorgeous over the years. Oh and the story is about a guy that uses the "mystical" nature of numbers (Numerology) in leaving hints towards his kills.

Friday Night Lights - Being to lazy to look up names, will use nasty shorthands. Lets see, Panthers win first game but barely. The new coach is an idiot cause building the offense on smash. The old coach wants to come back because his family is falling apart (and his ex-team). The wheelchair guy heads to Mexico for stem-cell surgury for the legs (cause Mexico is famous for its breakthroughs in absolutely nothing). The new found choir girl is hot but boring. Oh and the two killers are giving each other nooky cause in fantasy land the hot girl does the nice geek. I guess it will keep fans happy but I thought the show was going for realism but with this couple its jump the shark time already. Oh and Connie Britton, even when trying to look like crap, still looks amazing.

Las Vegas - The concierge girl, cute as a button, teaches a boy how to land a girl. Something about being nice (utter BS). Cooper gets blackmailed for murder but the guys come to his rescue. Deliah thinks that taking care of eggs (like in high school) is a sign of parental skill (ug so stupid). So basically the slide continues.

Stargate: Atlantis - Mini Flash Forward (Disney show from early 90s) reunion today with Jewel Staite and Amanda Tapping (both regulars on that show). The crush I had on Jewel (she also of Firefly, sadly cancelled) since then and continues today as she remains simply stunning. The ep itself was shades of Nightmare on Elm Street as an entity jumps from host to host causing severe nightmares. Its escalates to killing with the death of occasional character Dr. Kate Heightmeyer (beautiful Clair Rankin). Rodney gets infected, so John and him hook up in each others dreams stopping the bad guy. Decent ep, but lots of screentime for Jewel so I was a happy camper

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