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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Drobo 2.0, iPhone Stuff, Square E3 Lineup and Trailer Premiers

Drobo 2.0 Released - The automatic RAID device that is good for backing up and protecting your data has received an upgrade. The 2.0 version is quieter and now includes firewire ports for greater data speeds. The price remains at $500 while the 1.0 version is on clearance at $350. It’s a device I have considered buying but I just can't get past the $200 cost of adding the DroboShare so you can get network capability. I don't want to park this thing near my computer (where space is limited), I want to park it in a back room and just check out it as needed. This way I get my data protection with almost no hassle. Until that DroboShare reaches a reasonable price, sadly this nifty device remains not worth it to me.

iPhone 3G Review Matrix - Gizmodo has created a nice table that shows the various opinions that Walt Mossberg (WSJ), David Pogue (NYT), and Ed Baig (USA Today) have wrote about the device in an easy to understand way. To sum it up, the device is near but no quite perfect. If you’re on the fence about getting one, its worth it and if you already have an iPhone just get the software upgrade and don't bother getting a whole new device.

Rogers Caves on iPhone Plans - Rogers Wireless has slightly caved to pressure regarding their plans for the iPhone. The Canadian company has a virtual monopoly lock on communications in that country and they have a history of enjoying it with constant gouging of their customers for no other reason then because they can. In part due to bad press and sites like RuinediPhone.com, Apple made the decision to simply not support the Canadian launch by diverting most of the stock to Europe and not bothering the sell the phones in Apple stores in Canada. As a direct result of that (after all no phones, no sales, no contracts, no gouging), Rogers has announced that its data plan now has a 6gig per month cap rather then the 500mb or so cap. Rogers plan was basically screw their customer with voice and data overage fees and now customers just have to make sure they watch their minutes and probably not download any videos from the Rogers network. A step in the right direction, but since Rogers still wants a three year contract and could revoke their deal at anytime, I wouldn't recommend doing business with them.

Square Enix E3 Line-up - E3 is supposed to start in a few days and Square announced the games and demos they will have. This mainly means that websites will soon have videos and preview articles up for us to read and see if the games are any darn good. Personally I am looking forward to FFIV DS and Chrono Trigger DS. Sadly no news on the Final Fantasy XIII front.

Movie Trailer Plans - The Dark Knight (out July 17th) is expected to have Terminator Salvation, Watchmen, and Body of Lies trailers and the Harry Potter 6 trailer is expected to be attached to Star Wars: The Clone Wars (August). Hopefully that means all the above will hit the internet a couple of days before that.

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