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Thursday, August 07, 2008

JibJab, MM9, Danica McKellar, and Paris Hilton

Time for Some Campaignin' - Hilarious music video from JibJab that makes fun of the current presidential election that is actually well done and entertaining. MTV should add it to their rotation. They also have a few others worth watching such as "This Land" and "What We Call the News".

Mega Man 9 "Bug" - Capcom is going all out in recreating the 8-bit era experience with the game. They re-created the look and now they are even re-creating the bugs. The famed sprite flicker is back for enemies that just have too much going on for the "hardware" to keep up with. At least that was the cause on the old NES. For the Wii, the flicker is an intentional design "flaw" that can be toggled off.

Danica McKellar "Kiss My Math" - Math genius, Wonder Years star, and just general drop dead gorgeous, Danica is out to promote her new book that is trying to get girls interested in math. My interest in math died in college but with her involvement I could get interested again. I had a crush on her during the Wonder Years and with the brains and beauty combination I might be developing another one.

Paris Hilton's Energy Policy - In a recent ad McSame compared Obama to Paris Hilton and Brittany Spears, trying to imply that fame doesn't mean responsible. Her response is actually a very funny and solid response on how to ween the US off its dependence on foreign oil. At the very least its better then McCain's "drill everywhere" policy.
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iPhone App Remote Disable - A hacker is claiming he has discovered code that allows Apple to remote disable installed apps. I guess could be a big deal if an app is disabled that you paid for without a refund but otherwise it’s probably a good way to quickly eliminate malicious apps that escape into the wild. Time will tell if it will be used for good or not.

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