"An era can be said to end when its basic illusions are exhausted." - Arthur Miller

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Election and Economy Stuff

McCain's Campaign Lies - The "Maverick" continuing to show signs that he is simply more of the same, as devolved to pretty much out right lies in an attempt to win the office. Efforts that even Karl Rove has said were a bit much. The video does a good job of ripping apart their current crop of crap.

Jim Cramer's Told You So - Mad Money's Kim Cramer lost it just a touch this time last year when discussing the state of the lending industry with its high interest rates (which are still excessive) and no attempt to vet whether re-payment was feasible. People made fun of him for it and as he points out, he nailed it.

Obama's Economic Ad - A pretty good video where Obama acknowledges that the economy has issues that need to be addressed. Much better then McCain's "whatever my lobbyist friends" want plan.

Sarah Palin IS the Bush Doctrine - The Daily Show has fun with Sarah Palin's complete inability to answer any real facts about recent history. She is good at making pandering statements, but the details are clearly beyond her scope of ability.

Candidate "Generic Off" - Daily Show again, this time making fun of the candidates of both parties generic statements about the bank implosions. I especially liked Stewart's "Did she win a contest?" in regards to Palin who basically said the government needs to regulate the banks more and then said a few moments later that government needs to get out of business. I get the feeling she and the idiots she was speaking to didn't even pick up on the contradiction.

Sarah Palin's Email - It turns out that Palin continues to show her stripes. B=Much like the Bush White House, she decided to flaunt state law and require her and her staff to use personal email for correspondence. The reason is because personal email isn't required by law to be kept and much harder to have to provide in an investigation (say "Troopergate"). The problem with this grand plan is security. Which Sarah now knows since her personal work address was hacked and the contents provided for all to see. I don't know if any secret goodies where revealed but somehow I doubt it.

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