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Thursday, January 08, 2009

Links of the Day

Spider-Man Meets Obama - Marvel, mostly as a publicity stunt, is producing a "special issue" of Amazing Spider-Man where the hero meets Barack Obama on his inauguration day. Its really a five page story add on to the comic rather then an entire issue devoted to the meet-up. The comic will go on sale next week.

Palin Whines About Couric, Palin - In a sit-down with extreme conservative John Ziegler, ex-VP candidate Sarah Palin whines about how unfair the press was with their questions and their scrutiny of her qualifications, essentially saying they cared only because she was a woman. Basically her argument is it’s not ok to question her but its ok to say that others "pal around with terrorists." As usual, the conservative moral compass wanders if it interferes with them.

2009 Razzie Awards Nominations - The anti-Oscar awards have announced their nominees for worst films of the year in various categories. Sadly Speed Racer is included, which shows that often the Razzie's are based more on box office performance then the film itself (much like the Oscars). Still it’s an interesting list of the crap that came out last year. I expect the Love Guru to home the most "awards".

New Watchman Trailer and Behind Scenes Video - Click the link for two video for Watchman. The first is a modified trailer that shows more of third term Nixon that is part of the story and the second gets into details of the first group of Minuteman and a B&W photo that is a key prop and story point in the film.

EGM Ceases Publication - After 20 years of dedicated service to the video game industry, EGM ceases publication as of its January issue. This is part of the fall out of the sale of the 1UP Network to UGO yesterday where the layoffs have already begun (usually there is a slight delay when one company buys another). This leaves only GamePro and GameInformer as the hold-outs in paper form, until they too are probably gobbled up as old media finishes its death spiral.
R.I.P. EGM 1989 - 2009

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