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Monday, June 08, 2009

Apple's WWDC 2009

The keynote address for Apple's Worldwide Developer's Conference for 2009 was held today. Usually Apple uses this as the means to promote its new line-up of hardware and software and they didn't disappoint. They have announced a new OS X upgrade called Snow Leopard, update to their line of MacBooks, and the new iPhone 3G S. The video of the keynote is here.

iPhone 3G S
- Third generation iPhone, launches June 19th.
- Price: 16GB $199, 32GB $299 | iPhone 3G (no S) 8gb $99
- Faster processor, 3 megapixel camera, auto focus, auto white balance, 30fps VGA video with audio recording.
- Includes voice control for basic functions like playing songs, making a phone call, etc, built-in digital compass so maps can orient to your direction
- Comparison chart here, Apple's guided tour here.

iPhone 3G 3.0 Software
- Software will be out June 17th.
- Includes cut and paste, landscape mode for keyboard, improved Safari, Autofill forms, and other tweaks.
- MMS support if supported by carrier.
- New Spotlight that allows search of content on the iPhone.
- iTunes now allows downloads of movies to the device.
- Tethering capability native to the OS, if supported by carrier (most will probably charge extra to use).
- Find iPhone feature - use MobileMe account to find iPhone or cause it to make a noise to look for it (if say lost in the house). Also can remote wipe data.

- updated 15'' ($1699 - $2299) and 17'' ($2499), new 13'' line ($1199 or $1499)
- unibody design, built in battery with longer life and SD card slot.
- Macbook Air also tweaked with new price range of $1499 or $1799.

Snow Leopard
- Update to OS X that builds on previous Leopard update.
- Price: $29 single or $49 for family pack.
- Tweaks existing features such as better icon previews, improved Finder, faster installs that recovers space after, dock clutter reduction called Expose, and more.
- Added Exchange 2007 support for Mail.
- Change to 64bit architecture (which will be a problem for older software).

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