"An era can be said to end when its basic illusions are exhausted." - Arthur Miller

Monday, June 08, 2009

Links of the Day

Colbert Report in Iraq - Stephen Colbert is reporting to Iraq for a week of shows that start airing tonight. To kick off the event, he got a military style haircut to show solidarity with the troops. Below is a brief cameo he made for a high school graduation commencement speech from their principle that shows off the new style.

E3 Press Conferences - The video game celebration is over but fortunately Gamespot has including all three press conferences in their entirely from Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony for our enjoyment.

Conan's Super Mario Set - Amusing response from Conan O'Brien at the observation that the background of his set looked like it was inspired by Super Mario Bros.

Oprah Plus Health Equals Bad Advice - In a rather gutsy move, Newsweek actually took a chance and attacked Oprah Winifrey regarding her guests their advice about health care. Oprah's has made a career of trying to sell people simple solutions to complicated problems, not necessary in anyone's best interest. For example, The Secret, which basically says good things, will happen if you wish for it long enough while glossing over that if was the case then bad things must happen for the same reason. Or Suzanne Somers phobia of old age that includes a crap load of plastic surgery and endless supply of shots and pills (about 80 a day). All this sold to her willing audience who go out and blindly follow it (being on her show is a guaranteed burst to the bottom line). Her claim is her audience researches her advice, as if that absolves her of not bothering to do more then give lip service to the opposing viewpoint. The end result is Oprah uses her reputation to sell nonsense and clearly doesn't care. Take her shows advice at your own risk should be the spoken warning.

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