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Monday, June 15, 2009

Links of the Day

Captain America Reborn - Probably to the surprise to anyone that reads comics, Steve Rogers as Captain America will return starting this summer. The character was killed in March of 2007 as part of a plot from his arch enemy the Red Skull. How he returns is the main question but so is what happens to his replacement, Bucky Barnes and Rogers' girlfriend Sharon Carter who fired the fatal bullets when while hypnotized by a Skull co-conspirator. I guess this is Marvel's response to DC's Blackest Night that sees the dead rise to destroy the DCUniverse and the Green Lantern Corps. If interested, a five page preview of Reborn is here and an interview with its editor Tom Brevoort is here.

Top 10 Game Trailers from E3 - Click the link to find all the trailers for the games that were teased at last week’s video game conference. My favorite was Metroid: The Other M.

Fox Fall Start Released - The network has released when it plans on debuting the new seasons of its new and returning shows starting on September 16th with Glee and on through to September 29 with Think You Can Dance. Click the link to find out when your favorites return.

Wanted 2 - It has been confirmed by Wanted director Timur Bekmambetov that Wanted 2 will start pre-production in July. The expectation is to start filming by end of the year. Despite Angelina Jolie's character taking a bullet in the head, she is expected to return along with James McAvoy.

24 Stop Motion Films - Click the link for a bunch of Lego recreations of movie scenes. Some use actually sounds and music from the movies and other don't (probably for copyright fears). Regardless the result is a lot of work and some entertainment for our amusement.

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